Modest Ambles: Cumberland State Forest & Byrd Cellars (Day Hike, 9 Miles, Moderate)

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  1. Author
    SteveH 3 months ago

    This is so far coming together as 2 segments. I have posted the first. A brand new trail Caffey. Not even fully blazed as yet for 3.5 miles. The additional is purposeful wandering. Looking to carve out another 3-6 from the 11 mi and 15 mi trails there. Will post in a few weeks when get back there.

  2. Author
    SteveH 3 months ago

    a hole in the wall right outside the park with great reviews
    for those that are hungry afterwards

    then folks that want to hit the winery afterwards come with me.

  3. Author
    SteveH 3 months ago

    the second part of the hike is 5.2 miles and will be around Bear Creek Lake at the State Park right next door so
    this makes it a total 9 mile hike in 2 sections – if this is too different than advertised my apologies and feel free to change RSVP

  4. AnnieV 2 months ago

    What is the ETA for trailhead? I’m going to drive myself, Short Pump is out of my way.
    Will watch for email about weather and whether it’s a go. 😉

  5. Brian 2 months ago

    Rescheduled for August 4th per Steve.

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