April 12, 2024

Photography At Events

You are welcome to take photos of events and share them with your fellow Trailblazers!  Members can share photos on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, but keep in mind that some of these sites are publicly viewable.

We respect that not everyone wants to be part of a group photo for various reasons. If you participate in a group photo and someone is not joining in or is hiding in the back, don’t make an issue of it.

Likewise, it is important to recognize that not everyone enjoys having their photo taken when they are hiking in the woods. Please be sensitive to this. Focus on nature, friends, and hikers you know are comfortable with having their photo taken. Don’t post unflattering photos. And if you would prefer that your picture not be taken, please let your Adventure Specialist know.

The bottom line is to think about your photos before you post them. Is a particular shot unflattering or potentially embarrassing? Would a little editing make them better?  We have many talented photographers in our group who are happy to discuss their tricks and techniques!