May 29, 2024

Financial Information

PayPal Account

We have dedicated PayPal account that is tied to the CVT website and is used to transfer funds to and from group members.  When you purchase Trail Bucks to pay for trips or CVT merchandise, the money gets deposited here.  We sometimes use this account to send members refunds.  The email address for this account is

The latest PayPal transactions can be reviewed here.

Virginia Credit Union (Checking Account)

In addition to the PayPal account, we also have a checking ccount with Virginia Credit Union.  We use this account to pay group expenses associated with big trips, parties, meetings, and the CVT website.  The latest VACU transactions can be reviewed here.

Common VACU Transactions

  • Amazon Web Services:  You may notice a lot of small payments to Amazon Web Services.  Images that are uploaded and viewed on our website are stored on AWS cloud servers, and we pay a small monthly fee for this service.
  • NDx### to NDx###:  These are transfers from my personal account to the CVT account and vice versa.  When I attend big trips, I usually pay for my portion of the trip by doing a bank transfer so we don’t have to pay PayPal transaction fees.  I also occasionally reimburse myself for CVT expenses that I paid on my personal account – this is usually done in error.  I try to avoid any commingling.
  • PayPal Transfer:  When the balance in the PayPal account starts to get high, I will transfer a portion of the balance to the checking account so we have the funds available to pay expenses.
  • Virginia State Parks:  These are usually payments to reserve campsites, group lodges, guided tours, etc. for group trips.