Carpooling & Fees

For out-of-town trips where we carpool, it is expected that riders will reimburse the driver for gas.  The formula we usually use is:

Calculate the trip mileage, and multiply this 0.25 (25 cents per mile).  Round up to the nearest dollar.  This is the total carpool expense per vehicle.  Each occupant should split this equally including the driver.

Take for example a day trip to Shenandoah National Park, which is about a 200-mile round trip:

200-mile round-trip * 0.25 = $50 per vehicle.

  • 4 people in the vehicle:  (200 * 0.25) / 4 (Passengers pay the driver ~$13)
  • 3 people in the vehicle:  (200 * 0.25) /  3 (Passengers pay the driver ~$17)
  • 2 people in the vehicle:  (200 * .025) / 2 (Passenger pays the driver $25)

Don’t forget to consider any additional expenses, such as parking or admission fees, tolls, etc., when calculating the carpool fee.


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