May 20, 2024

Types Of Events

Local Hikes – These are hikes that take place in parks, neighborhoods or streets in or around the Richmond area.  Great for new members or beginning hikers.

Day Hikes – As the name implies, these hikes in which you will spend the bulk of the day either on the trail or in transit to and from the trailhead.  You will need to bring food, water, proper hiking gear, and a daypack of some kind to carry it all.

Camping Trips – These are overnight stays in established campgrounds, usually in state or national parks, where you park a short distance from the campsite.  Most campgrounds are equipped with facilities like showers and campfire, but make sure you read the description carefully before signing up.

Backpacking Trips – Unlike camping trips, backpacking trips require that you hike a number of miles through the wilderness to a primitive site or shelter with full packs containing all the gear you need to survive the night.  Participants should be in good physical condition and be prepared for the weather.

Kayaking/Paddling – Most of our kayaking trips are fairly easy paddles on flat water.  Some trips require you to furnish your own kayak; others have rentals available for a fee.

Bike Rides – Most of biking trips are recreational rides on established bike paths with minimal elevation change.  Some trips require you to furnish your own bike; others have rentals available for a fee.

Social Events – These include group dinner/movie nights, happy hours, parties, outdoor concerts, etc.  Make sure you are aware of the costs and know what you need to bring.  For events in public places like restaurants and theaters, make sure you know how you’re going to find the group.  These details should be in the event description.

Public Events – These could be movies, outdoor concerts, festivals, fairs, charity events, etc. Anything that is open to the public and not organized by CVT.

Holiday Events – Examples of holiday CVT events include our annual Tacky Lights walk before Christmas, our haunted trail events around Halloween, and three-day camping trips during Memorial Day or Labor Day weekends.