RSVPs & Attendance


For everyone’s safety and enjoyment, it is up to you to come prepared. Event Organizers may bump anyone who regularly shows up unprepared or attends an activity that is outside their ability.


If you want to attend, click the “Yes” button on the event page. If you do not wish to attend, simply do nothing. You do not need to RSVP “No” unless are change your mind. Guests are welcome to most events, but may be limited or restricted for extremely popular activities with limited space available.


If you have signed up for an event and your plans change, please change your RSVP as soon as possible to avoid being counted as a No-Show. Some events may have a waiting list. The sooner you know you cannot attend and change your RSVP, the sooner a wait listed person can be added. The Event Organizer will check the website for a head count just before leaving for the event.


CVT has one of the lowest No-Show rates of any Meetup group in the area, and we want to keep it that way. Event Organizers take attendance at all events, and repeat no-shows are grounds for removal from the group without notice. No-shows can include last-minute cancellations for events with waiting lists.


Please understand that it is generally NOT OKAY to come to an event unless you have signed up. Event limits are in place to ensure that everyone has a positive experience. We already know that not everyone who signs up will attend, and we take this into account when making plans.


The event will begin very close to the posted start time, so please allow extra time for parking and traffic delays. If you will be late for a trip or unable to attend due to an emergency or last-minute change of plans, the Event Organizer usually posts his/her cell number for notification (although not all venues have cell phone coverage). The Event Organizer may or may not be able to wait for you depending on the schedule, but a map may be left somewhere so you can catch up. For carpool events, this will usually be on the windshield of a car in the parking lot.

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