April 19, 2024

About Us

Central Virginia Trailblazers was established in 2011 as an activity based hiking and outdoor adventure group in Richmond, Virginia.  At the time, there were few if any active groups in the area that welcomed hikers and adventure lovers of all experience levels.   Over the years, we have brought together over 3,000 like-minded individuals throughout Greater Richmond and beyond who have taken part in over 1,000 adventures.

Our activities reflect the diversity of our members.  The hikes on our calendar range from casual, beginner-level strolls through local parks and neighborhoods to strenuous overnight backpacking trips in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  In addition to hiking, other popular activities include car camping, kayaking, recreational biking, and social gatherings. Most activities and trips are within an hour or two of Richmond, but we often travel beyond Virginia’s borders for multi-day trips to other states.

A tremendous amount of planning and coordination is required to make these events happen.  We are extremely fortunate to have an exceptional group of volunteer organizers (“Adventure Specialists”), all of whom donate their time, effort, talent, and experience to make these amazing trips possible.  Their loyalty and dedication is one of the key reasons that CVT stands out from other groups.

We encourage you to browse our website, which includes photo albums from past outings, an online calendar of upcoming activities, a message board, and Facebook-like features that enable you to network with other members online.  We are active year round, and if you decide to become a member, you will be able to sign up for our events and join in on the fun!