Canceling RSVPs

I have heard that some folks are still a little confused as to how to cancel their RSVPs when they cannot attend an event.  We used to have a link on every event page, but it was hard to find, so I changed it to a big green button that says “My RSVPs”.  The same button is on the home page as well, near the top.  Just click on the button, find the event you need to bail on, and click the “Cancel” link on the right.

And events on the “My RSVPs” page are now listed in descending order according to the event date, so the latest events will be at the top.  There is also a big green “Request a Refund” button at the top of this page.

That’s about as easy as I can make it.  Thanks to Sonja and Steve for the suggestions!  If you have any ideas or suggestions for the group or the website, let me know.  You might get some free CVT Points!

Happy holidays everyone – hope to see you at the big party on December 16th!

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