November Notes

The CVT Cap-to-Cap Challenge came to a close last weekend!  This was a series of day hikes along the Virginia Capital Trail leading from Richmond to Jamestown.  There were many participants in the Challenge, but only four Trailblazers hiked every section…those were Kim, Sonja, Merva, and Lori!  Well done, ladies!  In recognition of your achievement, each of you shall receive a bonus of 2,500 CVT Points!*  Keep ’em or trade ’em in for Trail Bucks.  Congratulations on your rather impressive if not completely pointless accomplishment!  🙂

We still have plenty of space available for the CVT Holiday Party & Potluck on Saturday, December 16th, at Pocahontas State Park.  Angelic Annie is taking over for Christmas Carole this year, and Annie and her elves are already busy planning and plotting for the big event.  Invite a friend or two and join us!

This is a few months away, but I went ahead and booked our usual spot for the annual CVT Super Bowl & Anniversary Party (to be posted on a future date).  The reservation isn’t etched in stone, so if anyone has a suggestion for a different venue, I’d love to hear from you.  We need a place with a large screen, a reliable TV signal, kitchen area, and seating and parking for around 25-50 people.  Could be a private residence, neighborhood clubhouse, some sort of event space, or private lounge area in a bar or restaurant.  The clubhouse rental is a very reasonable $75, so something in that price range would be ideal.  Let me know soon!

Also in February is the annual “Shiver in the River” winter festival in downtown Richmond.  You may have seen the event that was posted yesterday on our calendar.  CVT is participating in the festival next year, and Keith is our team captain.  This is a great way for us to get some exposure in the community, and we hope you’ll support us by donating to the cause and participating in the activities.  Proceeds go to Keep Virginia Beautiful, Inc.  More details on our Shiver in the River event page.  And you can join our team by clicking on the “Shiver in the River” logo on our home page.  Thanks Keith for leading this effort!

Lots of great hikes coming up…get out there and enjoy the fall weather!  And don’t forget to refer your friends!


*Sorry Kim, you’re ineligible for points!

  1. Sonja Moore 12 months ago

    Gotta love those points! Thank you.

  2. KimE 12 months ago

    That’s OK Brian, I’ll gladly take the alternative of cash!

  3. Carole O. 12 months ago

    I missed one segment. I will be making it up . When I complete it can I get points too?

  4. Author
    Brian 12 months ago

    *Sigh*…yes, but I will need a written affidavit stating that you have completed the segment, signed by you and witnessed by a notary public!

  5. MervaY 12 months ago

    What a surprise! Thank you Brian. Thanks again to Kim for leading this hike.

  6. Annie V. 12 months ago

    Oh boy! I’ll be finished the fourth leg with Carole and Nan, maybe not till January unless anyone wants to do a weekday hike. I shared a Cap to Cap video on FB, doesn’t look like our trips! lol

  7. Annie V. 12 months ago

    Nan s. could you do this hike with Carole and me on a weekday?

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