Wintergreen Dreamz Part Deux: Ye Lower Loop (Day Hike, 6-8 Miles, Strenuous)

  1. Stewart 10 months ago

    Guess I’m on the wait list. Hope a spot opens up.

  2. KarenWIlder 10 months ago

    Wait list, plz! I did the first loop of this…my life will never feel complete if I don’t do the second. 🙂

  3. Stewart 8 months ago

    Yes, still hoping a spot opens up. Fingers crossed!

  4. Chris M. 8 months ago

    Steve, if a spot opens bump me from the waiting list, please.

    • Author
      Steve H. 8 months ago

      Spots open – self service if you want to attend – please sign up

      Will send the standard email out after 7PM or later tonight with contact info
      weather is great, but will be hot and BUGGY – the end of the hike is back uphill so bring enough water and whatever boosts your stamina

  5. Ingrid 8 months ago

    Sorry I had to cancel…I accidentally double booked for that day.

  6. DonnaL. 8 months ago

    Your lucky day, Chris. I have to cancel. I hope you enjoy it!

    • Chris M. 8 months ago

      I tagged in for you. Thank you, Donna. Should be a great day to shed water weight. 🙂 Heat and humidity, what else could we ask for.

  7. KimE 8 months ago

    8:30! We get to sleep in!!!

  8. KarenS 8 months ago

    Welllll, I have to cancel as well. It should be a great hike but hot!! Y’all have fun!

  9. Adina 8 months ago

    I also have to cancel. I hope you have this hike on the sched. again!!

  10. Chris M. 8 months ago


    I apologize for canceling not 12 hours from signing up. However, I have been up since 3, partaking the technicolor yawns. I’m unsure who the patient zero is that became a disease vector aimed at me.

    /I hope it wasn’t the pizza last night. I love that pizza place……

  11. Author
    Steve H. 8 months ago

    Hi all
    Thanks for coming out. Not the usual assortment of pics as my camera batteries were dead from get go.
    There will be a Part 3 hike – this trail will not defeat us!! But it sure our kicked a##es this time.

    Great folks – had a good time.

    This is what Wintergreen trail guide says about the “Plunge”
    Moderate to Difficult
    One of the shortest trails on the mountain.
    The plunge is an EXCELLENT introduction to the beauty and natural history of the area, LOL

    This is what Wintergreen trail guide says about the “Brimstone Trail”
    More Difficult
    The steep and rocky cliffs provide incredible views of Three Ridges Mountain and points to the southwest.

    Perhaps an understatement!

    See you in late October or early Nov to get this one into the books as done.

  12. KarenWIlder 8 months ago

    I can’t move my body…that is all.

    And also what the heck kind of gnats were biting us? I have crazy red welts all over my ankles. On the bright side, I did not find any ticks or get sunburned, the views were amazing, Steve and June lovingly walked 3 extra miles uphill to get the cars for us, the beer was delicious, but the company, comraderie, (and moral support) were the best!

  13. KimE 8 months ago

    Super tough death-defying rock scramble with slimy rocks, ankle biting gnats and 99.99999% humidity thrown in just for fun. We’re crazy but I still had fun!! Thanks Steve–added points for Steve’s t-shirt. Also thanks for Leigh’s magical mint tea

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