Sunset Hike: North Bank Park/Texas Beach (Local Hike, 3-5 Miles, Easy)

  1. Author
    Brian 2 months ago

    Part of this week’s hike will include the newly completed section of the North Bank Trail!

  2. JoeGiasullo 2 months ago

    If anyone wants to add ~2 miles you can meet me at the pump house park parking lot. I will be heading off at 6pm sharp to get to the meet up spot by 630.

  3. BillPrice 2 months ago

    I was so looking forward to this hike. Unfortunately I was sick last night and still am not well. I have to cancel. Sorry, I’m beginning to worry about wimping out on the last few Sunsets. Going to blame it on night shift work. It’s hard trying to do evening stuff sometimes.

  4. CherylKeeney 2 months ago

    Pulled something in my hamstring, darn, not better today. I was really looking forward to this hike and hate canceling. I’d be limping along and don’t want to hold folks up.

  5. Jonnie Stone 2 months ago

    My plus 1 is a minus one, so there is a free spot if someone wants it!

  6. Sarah B. 2 months ago

    Work is going to keep us from making it this evening- two free spots available.

  7. Jonnie Stone 2 months ago

    Hey Joe, I’ll meet you in the parking lot. beside the toll plaza,right?

  8. Jonnie Stone 2 months ago

    Hey Joe, I’m here.

  9. Author
    Brian 2 months ago

    Parking will be challenging. Get here early if you can.

  10. Author
    Brian 2 months ago

    Congrats Jonnie, winner of 50 bonus points for knowing the CVT Phrase that Pays! CVT shirt/hat bonus points to Joe & Mariluz! And 50 bonus points to nekkid guy where ever he is – I’m pretty sure I saw a CVT tattoo on his left buttock! Hope to see you next week at Rockwood Park!

  11. Wolf 2 months ago


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