Kayak the South Anna BYOK – Morning Trip

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Saturday, 06/01/2019

10:30 am - 4:00 pm

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  1. Susan 4 months ago

    Would love to join this trip if a spot opens.

  2. Bob H. 4 months ago

    If a spot opens let me know. Thanks.

  3. Ken C. 4 months ago

    Interested as well.

  4. Jgilrain 4 months ago

    Please add me to the waiting list! Maybe plan a second trip? Thanks!

  5. WendyJ 4 months ago

    I’d like to be added to the cancel list If a spot opens. Thanks

  6. Marsha 2 months ago

    Following for open spot

  7. Author
    Leigh S. 2 months ago

    Greetings paddlers,
    I went down the river last week and it was perfect. Plenty of water and no strainers. Lots of turtles and warm enough for a swim.
    I live about 3 miles from the put in. If anyone would like to come over for a burger and beverage after we get off the river, I’m inviting you. Please let me know if you’re in so I can lay in enough provisions.
    I’m looking forward to turning you on to this gem of a river.

    • Philip L. 2 months ago

      Thank you for the invite, Leigh. Count me in for the after-paddle burger and beverage. I’ll bring my folding chair and some drink and/or snack to share too. Thanks!

  8. KimE 2 months ago

    I’m in for after paddle fun as well:) Thanks Leigh!! Will bring something to share as well.

  9. Author
    Leigh S. 2 months ago

    One more thing, since this is a shuttle hike, we will need to move enough cars to the take out to bring everyone’s boat back. If you have the ability to transport more than one boat please bring your rack parts and tie downs to do that. We will sort out logistics when we meet at the put in. It will take about 25 min to shuffle cars around.
    Please let me know if you want to come to the apres kayak cookout at my place (14229 Trails End Drive, 3 miles from put in). I’ll provide some burgers and beverages to sooth the hunger beast.
    The put in is on Rt33 (Mountain road) 7 miles west of the 295-33 interchange. Parking is on the left just before you cross the river. Google maps will get you there if you search for “ground squire bridge”. If you go over the bridge and see Scotchtown road you went too far.
    My cell is 804.986.8928. See you Saturday.

  10. JoeGiasullo 2 months ago

    The misses and I are down for the after party; but it will depend on how the arm holds up. Probably just fine, or a trip to the hospital. I guess we’ll find out.

  11. JoyceFoster 2 months ago

    Thanks Leigh! Chris and I would love to join in the after-kayak burger and beverages as long as my back holds up. I am still recovering from a back strain.

  12. JoyceFoster 2 months ago

    I really hate to cancel but my back injury flared back up so I am not up for sitting. In a kayak. Really disappointed to miss this. 2 spots open now

  13. Marsha 2 months ago

    Yay I’m in! Also expect me at the after party

  14. Bob H. 2 months ago

    I made it out of the afternoon trip to the morning trip. It’s late notice but I’d like to attend the after party cook out. Thanks.

  15. JoyceFoster 2 months ago

    Looks like Marsha and Bob will be able t I take care of mine and Chris’s burgers and beverages…enjoy!

  16. Anne O. 2 months ago

    Accidentally double-booked myself—enjoy everyone!

  17. DeeD 2 months ago

    Glad to get on even though it’s late! Hope to be able to enjoy after paddle time:-)

  18. Nancy T. 2 months ago

    probably late to respond, but will probably stop by for a few for some apres drink!

  19. KimE 1 month ago

    Thank you Leigh for the planning and the hospitality. It was a great day to be out on the river with great friends!

  20. Steve H. 1 month ago

    yes indeed – a fine day

  21. Bob H. 1 month ago

    Thanks Leigh. I enjoyed a great day on the water and a fine meal. Thanks everybody.

  22. DeeD 1 month ago

    Thank you Leigh, it was a wonderful day on the river with great people, sorry to have missed the after party.

  23. Philip L. 1 month ago

    Thank you, Leigh, and everyone for the really fun day yesterday. I had a great time. Thank you also, Leigh, for the burgers and beverage at your home afterward. Good times with great company. Thanks.

  24. Marsha 4 weeks ago

    Thank you for the lovely afternoon. I have just uploaded some photos. Hope to repeat this again sometime!

    Appreciate the hospitality Leigh!

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