Fleets Island (Paddling Trip) **CANCELED**

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Saturday, 08/11/2018

9:00 am - 6:00 pm

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Windmill Point

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  1. Bill 11 months ago

    If someone has an extra kayak (and accompanying life jacket/whistle) I’d be happy to buy you a drink at the bar πŸ™‚

  2. Gari 11 months ago

    Drat. Too late to RSVP. Have fun!

  3. Juanita W. 11 months ago

    hoping someone cancels

  4. Annie V. 11 months ago

    I tried! Waitlist please!

  5. Heather 11 months ago

    There appears to be a lot of interest. Could we organize a 2nd trip on the same day from 8:00AM – 5:00PM?

  6. KimE 11 months ago

    Lori-I sent an email to Rumplestiltskin requesting a picture and name add. Will give it a few days before relinquishing those 2 spaces.

    • Robert G. 10 months ago

      KimE, we have a house closing and now a move in that month, so we cancelled our three RSVP’s…

  7. JoyceFoster 11 months ago

    I am opening up my 2 spots. I didn’t realize that I have a family commitment that day. I am so disappointed but hope you all have a great time in me!

  8. KimE 11 months ago

    Thank you Robert aka Rmplstlskn, you’re good to go πŸ™‚

  9. Robert G. 10 months ago

    We have a house closing and a move that month, too much to juggle with kayak trip. Cancelled our three RSVP’s so someone else can enjoy this wonderful trip!

    • KimE 10 months ago

      Sorry you won’t be able to join us, but thank you so much for letting us know with plenty of time for us to be able to fill your spots ?

  10. DeeD 10 months ago

    I have to cancel on this trip, though I hate to! Hope someone else can take the spot with this advance notice.

  11. Dawn F. 10 months ago

    I am glad I read the description again; the first time I read it, I thought I read that you could rent a kayak there. I could borrow my sister’s kayak, but I don’t have a way to transport it right now. I know someone will take my spot!!

  12. Annie V. 8 months ago

    I am so sorry to miss this trip! I’m having some issues and cannot make it. Hope someone can jump in, it’s a great paddle!

  13. Sonja Moore 8 months ago

    Sorry. I also have to cancel on this trip. I hope someone can take the spot.

  14. LindseyBorgsmiller 8 months ago

    Yay! I made it on! I think I tried to sign up with a +1, but it isn’t showing it that way. (I signed up once and then signed up again once I bought more trailbucks….).

    Could you let me know if I have one spot or two spots?

    • Author
      Lori 8 months ago

      You have the spots. The web site must’ve confused the two separate entries, rather than a combined +1. We’ll get it corrected as LONG as you don’t SUP your way to the island and show us all up πŸ˜€

  15. LindseyBorgsmiller 8 months ago

    My “Plus One” cannot come – so spot will be opening up. Lori – I can’t figure out how to just take my Plus One off….could you help?


  16. Juanita W. 8 months ago

    I plan to meet the group at the launch site – what time are you planning to launch?

  17. Marybeth 8 months ago

    I am so bummed, come down with bronchitis and can’t be out in the sun so long with the antibiotic. Was so looking forward to getting my kayak in the H2O….

    • Annie V. 8 months ago

      bummer!!! I missed the Floazilla for the same reason, and this supreme event cause these stupid pills can give me sunstroke. Hope you feel better!!!

  18. Philip L. 8 months ago

    If my memory serves me right from last year’s trip, coordinates “37.619206, -76.292410” pinpoint the parking lot where we left our vehicles and when you arrive you drive just a little further west from the lot, into the woods, to drop off your boat & gear near the put-in. Does this look correct?

    • Author
      Lori 8 months ago

      Last year, some folks drove to the end of Windmill Point Road by the marina. When you are on Windmill Point, after you cross over a little bridge, there is a small parking lot on your right labeled canoe/kayak launch. If you find yourself at the end of the road at Windmill Point, that’s okay. Just turn back around, drive about 1,000 feet or so and look again on your left. As tempting as the beach leading to the Rappahannock looks, we will not be launching from there.

  19. Author
    Lori 8 months ago

    Keeping a close eye on the weather. Latest extended forecast: Thunderstorms likely in the morning. Then the chance of scattered thunderstorms in the afternoon. High 78F. Winds NE at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 80%. Locally heavy rainfall possible. Final call will be made Saturday morning. It would be a bummer to miss this, but we can’t risk the safety of our members.

  20. JoeGiasullo 8 months ago

    Reschedule maybe!? see pictures

  21. Brian 8 months ago

    I think you double booked yourself!

  22. KimE 8 months ago

    Already signed up for Brian’s hike on this makeup day- spot open

  23. Annie V. 8 months ago

    Off all meds, can do this if it’s not 100 degrees!

  24. Philip L. 8 months ago

    Spot open! I did this same paddling trip last year and it was great, but with now August around the corner, I need to get in more mountain hiking training in my available weekends. I hope someone interested in this takes the spot.

  25. JoeGiasullo 8 months ago

    Mother nature is not co-operating. This event is cursed.

    • Author
      Lori 8 months ago

      The weather is looking rather iffy. We might avoid the thunderstorms, but it’s not looking to be a beautiful sunny day at the beach.

  26. LindseyBorgsmiller 8 months ago

    Sorry to miss it…out of town and got my dates confused

  27. Leigh S. 8 months ago

    Just did a kayak overnighter on the Rappahannock. Took too much sun so passing this one up.
    Have fun and stay out of the rain!

  28. Brian 7 months ago

    Due to the weather forecast, the trip is cancelled at Lori’s request. I’ll refund Trail Bucks to the four of you still on the RSVP list. The “Fistful of Hollers” hike is still on if anyone wants to jump on that.

  29. Author
    Lori 7 months ago

    I’m sorry, everyone. This is my favorite paddle and one I look forward to every year at least once. It’s the buttermilk/northbank hike of paddles, but we don’t want to be caught upstream without. We’ll make up for it next year by posting it twice!

  30. JoeGiasullo 7 months ago

    just curious, but why cancel and not reschedule?

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