May 23, 2024

I hope everyone was able to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather this past weekend.  I see many of you spent at least a few minutes online, because we are up to almost 100 members here on the new website!  That’s great!

There was a little confusion on Saturday morning with the Facebook login option.  You should now be able to log in – but not register a new account – using Facebook.  I can’t let you register with Facebook because that bypasses all the profile questions…but once you’re registered, you should be able to log in with Facebook if you used the same email address.

Your CVT points should be synced up pretty closely to your points on the Meetup site (remember it’s multiplied times 10).  If not, it’s probably because I don’t know who you are.  Some of you are using names that I can’t tie back to Meetup, in which case I’ll be bugging you soon to get your name changed. 🙂

Since CVT Rewards is ending, some of you got a little short changed on your membership.  To try to rectify that, I refunded those who joined or renewed in February or March.  I gave five Trail Bucks to those who joined or renewed in January.  Everyone else got two Trail Bucks.  Hope that’s ok.

Don’t forget to upload a photo of yourself ( username here/profile).  We have always required this as it helps us recognize each other at events.

That’s all the housekeeping business for today.  Once we get through this transition we’ll be using the blog more for talking about upcoming events – the real reason we’re here!