May 20, 2024

Howdy Trailblazers!

Quick favor…please take a moment to review your member profile. Some of the profile fields have changed recently, so please check even if you are new to the group. Pay particular attention to the contact information, as it is critical that Adventure Specialists have this in case there are accidents or injuries on the trail.

As an additional “low-tech” safety measure, we may start asking you to provide this information on a sign-up sheet when we meet for activities. Reason being your designated emergency contact may differ from time to time depending on their availability.

And finally, please make sure you have a recognizable photo of yourself on your profile. We require this of all members to help us identify each other at events. Members without a profile photo may be removed from activity attendance lists.

Of course we will never share your personal information without your permission. 🙂

Here’s that link again. Thanks for helping us out!