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  1. Jonniestone 1 year ago

    Can you tell me more about how your yard sale works? This is right around the corner from me. Is it too late to add additional items to the yard sale? Thanks. Jonnie

  2. Author
    Brian 1 year ago

    Hey Jonnie…how many things do you have? If not a lot, you can show up early on Saturday and we’ll find a spot for you.

  3. Jonniestone 1 year ago

    At this point, I don’t think I could really get a lot of stuff together. But, I may have some “stand alone” items: desk, table, dresser.

  4. Author
    Brian 1 year ago

    Sounds good. Since you’re close by, maybe you can come by tonight or tomorrow night and drop everything off…or bring it EARLY Saturday (around 6-6:15am).

  5. Jonniestone 1 year ago

    Ok. I’m sure we can get it there either tonight or tomorrow night. Should I text someone or do you want to give me an address? Anything else I need to know?

  6. Jonniestone 1 year ago

    Nevermind. Just saw the address. Do I need to contact anyone before I show up with my stuff? 🙂

  7. Author
    Brian 1 year ago

    You can call/text me at 804-868-6180. Should be home after 5:30pm.

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