May 23, 2024

We had a small but lively group at the library Tuesday night.  Lots of great event ideas were suggested…here are a few:

  • CVT Garage Sale – Turn your clutter into cold hard cash!  It’s also a great opportunity to promote CVT in the community.  Kim already has this on the calendar for Saturday, August 26th, so save the date!
  • Volunteer projects/trail cleanups – In cooperation with local groups like RVA Clean Sweep or Keep Virginia Cozy.  Let’s help take care of the trails that we hike so frequently.  We’ll offer incentives for participants in these events.
  • Winery Tour – Spend a day checking out some of the wineries west of town.
  • Easier mountain hikes, or possibly a series of “training hikes” of increasing difficulty.
  • Backpacking trips – Carole and Kim are already conspiring!
  • A caving and camping trip to Cumberland Caverns in Tennessee.
  • Festivals – Fall will be here before we know it, along with lots of apple harvest and Halloween themed events.  Look for these on the CVT calendar in the coming weeks and months.
  • Winter Retreat 2018 – I will see what group cabins/lodges are available at the state parks.

And we haven’t forgotten about taking orders for CVT shirts!  We will be doing that soon!

A reminder to please make sure you have a photo of yourself on your profile.   Also, if you have an unusual user name (something other than first name and last name/initial), I may contact you individually about changing it. Having a real name and photo on the site helps us figure out who’s who when we meet at events.

Dianne and I are heading to Maine this weekend for a week-long vacation. I’ll be checking in occasionally, so behave yourselves!  🙂

2 thoughts on “Town Hall Meeting Recap

  1. Sounds like a great meeting, so glad you could manage without Jamie. I’m looking forward to fall mountain hikes at a slower pace. And backpacking. Thanks everyone! Love the CVTs!

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