April 21, 2024

A few random notes about the new website…

  1. You’ll see a lot of unfamiliar names in the member list…most of these are test accounts and not real people.  The test accounts will go away soon.
  2. The CVT points you see are also just for testing.  Eventually I’ll transfer your existing points from the old Meetup site to this site, so no worries!  There is also something new called “Trail Bucks” which I will explain in a later post.  🙂
  3. All of the events on the calendar are “real” events, except the two that say “TEST” in the title.  RSVPs are not yet open for any of these.
  4. Under “Albums” on the navigation menu, you’ll see collections of event photos from past years that were posted on the Meetup site.  I’ll be gradually adding to those collections, so check back from time to time!
  5. Speaking of which, I have downloaded copies of almost all of our old photos, our event calendar history, and our membership info.  This was necessary because our Meetup site will eventually go away, and we don’t want to lose all of that history.

Also…I would like to use real first and last names on the new site if no one objects too strongly.  Your profile and event RSVP info would be hidden from non-members.  Let me know if you have any concerns about this…or feel free to comment below!

2 thoughts on “Test Site Updates

  1. Nah. Prefer to use last initial since dont want everything I do availble to google and the nsa

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