May 20, 2024

A couple of new hikes from Keith Kersey!

One is a Sunset Hike for this coming Monday, featuring the Pipeline Trail, Floodwall, and new T-Pot Bridge.

The other is a day hike on April 15th featuring Torry Ridge and Sherando Lake.  Hopefully it won’t be too taxing…HAHAHAHAHA!!!

I’m hoping to eventually limit new event announcements to once per week, but we’re still getting the hang of things, and these hikes are fairly short notice.

Thanks Keith!

3 thoughts on “New Hikes Added

  1. I will miss you guys for a bit. Went down like an elephant on a job site, broke my wrist and wrenched an ankle. Just had a plate and 9 screws installed on my bones. Soon as it is stabilized, I can’t wait to stretch out on the trail with you guys.

    AWESOME site, Captain Brian!

    🙂 Wolf

    1. Geez, you have more hardware in you than Home Depot! Hope you have a speedy recovery!

  2. Sorry to hear you had a fall….hope you recover quickly and are back hiking again soon.

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