May 20, 2024

Well here we are in the dog days of summer.  We have some awesome activities on the calendar through the end of the year, with many more to come…all thanks to our dedicated Adventure Specialists!  (That’s what I’m calling them now!  “Event Organizers” is SOOO 2017!)

Our next big task:  Spread the word!  Starting today, we’re having a membership drive of sorts to help promote CVT in the community.   We will be having some promotional events in the coming months, and I am asking each of you as Trailblazers to make a concerted effort get the word out to your friends, neighbors, co-workers – everyone in your circle of influence!


Events like this are a great opportunity for us to give back to the community while also getting our name out to the public, both on social media and at the event itself.

  • What CVT is doing: You’ve probably seen our announcement regarding the Richmond Heart Walk (Saturday, October 6th) and the Blue Sky Fund charity hike (Saturday, October 27th).  We have set up team fundraising pages on their respective websites and will be participating at the event.
  • How you can help:  Give what you can, and participate!  Even if you’ve hiked those trails a dozen times, being there as part of a large group in support of a great cause makes it all the more fun and rewarding.  And don’t forget to share our fundraising links (Richmond Heart Walk, Blue Sky Fund Hike for Kids) with your friends on social media!


Facebook has a variety of marketing and promotional tools for advertisers to reach a targeted audience based on location, interests, past “likes”, group memberships, etc.

  • What CVT is doing:  We have had a Facebook group for years, but most of the marketing tools are only available to Facebook pages.  So we’ll be setting up a page and trying out some of these features.
  • How you can help:  More to come on this, but we’ll definitely want you to “like” the new page and share it with your friends!  We could also use a tech savvy person or two to help as an admin or moderator.


These are CVT activities that will be open to members as well as the general public.  Non-members can attend, learn more about us, and maybe join the group.

  • What CVT is doing:  We’ll have a few classes and presentations as well as a big end-of-summer cookout at a local park.  These will be announced soon.
  • How you can help:  Attend, and bring a guest or two.  Organize an event of your own.  And again, sharing these events on social media is the most effective way of getting the word out with minimal effort on your part.


This is the ultimate goal…to get friendly, like-minded people to join the group!

  • What CVT is doing:  You always earn CVT points for referrals, but during the membership drive, we’re DOUBLING the points!  Now through October, you’ll get a whopping 1,000 CVT points for each new member who uses you as a reference!  And the Trailblazer who refers the most members wins a fabulous mystery prize!
  • How you can help:  Encourage your outdoorsy friends to sign up.  And make sure you have them use your custom referral link so you’ll get your referral points!


  • What CVT is doing: We’ll be dropping off brochures, cards, CVT pens, and such at some of the local outfitters.  We’ll also annoy and anger visitors to local parks by leaving brochures on their windshields when we meet there for hikes!  🙂
  • How you can help:  Leave some brochures in your office lobby or break room.  Pin one on the bulletin board at church or the gym.  I can get you some copies, or you can print your own.  I also have plenty of CVT pens and water bottles you can give away to prospective members.

Your support and participation in these efforts is critical to the long term success of the group.  Contact us with your ideas and suggestions.  Thanks in advance for your help!

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