May 20, 2024

A huge thanks to Kim, Keith K., Keith H., and Jen for helping out at the REI “Get Ready to Backpack” event last Saturday!  Lots of folks stopped by our table and stayed for our “Top Ten Hidden Gems” presentation.  Everyone who attended the presentation was sworn to secrecy to insure that the gems remain hidden, so if you were not there, you will have to live out the rest of your days never having known the whereabouts of these gems!

Thanks also to Zi for her inspiring presentation about her recent trip to India!  She shared lots of amazing photos and great suggestions for what to see, where to go, and how to get around.  Tourism in India is sure to skyrocket this summer!

It’s Game Night Week at CVT!  We still have a few openings for Thursday night’s CVT Dinner, Drinks, & Dirty Game Night II at O’Toole’s.  Come hungry/thirsty and join us for some fun and possibly naughty games!  Then on Saturday, join us for Virtual Reality Game Night – a viewing of Ready Player One followed by state-of-the-art virtual reality games at Lori and Tom’s house.

Speaking of games, if you haven’t heard, CVT Paintball Party II was postponed due to the weather.  The new date is Sunday, April 22nd, at Leigh’s house in Montpelier.  Leigh’s wooded property is the perfect location to take out your frustrations on your fellow Trailblazers!

It’s spring…and that means Sunset Hikes are returning!  You may have seen the announcements in your inbox…these are casual weeknight hikes at area parks and neighborhoods, perfect for beginners or those new to our group.  I have posted some hikes for April and May, and more will start showing up soon.  Most are dog friendly.  Join us!

We had a request to add “v-neck” t-shirts to the CVT online store for the ladies.  Well they are here…check ’em out!  As with other items on the store, they are available to purchase with Trail Bucks or via PayPal.  Purchase price includes shipping, and turnaround time is generally 7-14 days.  Get yours today!

And finally, Kim will soon be announcing our highly anticipated t-shirt design contest, so stay tuned for that!