April 12, 2024

Thanks to everyone who informed me today about our newest spammer, Haritta!

Our website has a couple of security plugins that do a good job of blocking most of these unwanted visitors, but unfortunately one will occasionally slip through. “Haritta” (a.k.a. “Hariatta”) is quite persistent and returns from time to time despite my deleting the account and blocking the I.P. address (thanks Germany!).

So if you receive any more messages from “United Nation” workers requesting your friendship,  just delete it.  And you can check the “Newest Members” section on the sidebar to see if that member is still active.  If you don’t see their name listed, I’ve probably already deleted the account, so no need to contact me.  🙂

Thanks again, and my apologies!


2 thoughts on “Haritta Returns!

  1. … “Alice”, is back …

    fransico sent you a new message: “HELLO”

    “I saw your profile and decided to contact you in good faith. my name is Alice I am, working with the United Nations. I’m from Florida in the United States. I believe we are in a small world, and if we can be friends, then one day we may have the opportunity to meet and know ourselves more. Good friends mean a lot to me and I trust you will be one. Thank you and have a nice day.You can contact me through my private email so that i will send you my pictures because I did not stay in place at a time: ( alicefransico65@hotmail.com )”

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