December 1, 2023

Our team of crackerjack organizers recently met to discuss concerns and suggestions pertaining to our group.  One of the issues that came up had to do with members’ profiles on the website.  We have always required that members (1) use their real name or nickname; and (2) upload a photo of themselves.  This rule exists to create a sense of community within the group.  We want to be able to recognize each other at events and call each other by name.  Unfortunately despite many requests, we have a lot of members whose profiles still don’t meet the requirement.

We’re going to try two things to combat this problem, both starting on August 1st:

  • Members without a profile photo will be redirected to their profile page until they upload a photo.  This will be automatic – members will regain access immediately after they upload a photo.
  • Members with a phony name may be blocked from viewing event descriptions and signing up for events.  This will be done manually on a case-by-case basis.  I’ll send you an email to let you know.

Here’s how to update your profile photo and display name prior to August 1st:

  • To upload a profile photo:  From the main menu, click on MEMBERS – MY CVT – MY PROFILE.  Then click on the link that says “CHANGE PROFILE PHOTO”.  Please choose a photo where you are clearly visible – preferably a close-up (remember, avatars are small).
  • To update your display name:  From the main menu, click on MEMBERS – MY CVT – MY PROFILE.  Then click on the link that says “EDIT”, enter your name in the Name field, and click the SAVE CHANGES button at the bottom.  Use your first name (or nickname), and optionally your last name or initial.  Please note that your display name is not the same as your login name – your login name is permanent and can be anything.

Another topic that came up in our organizer meeting was how to deal with no-shows.  I’ll tell you what we’re going to do about that later this week…you’re going to love it!!!  🙂

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