Wintergreen Dreamz Part Trois: Third Time is the Charm (Day Hike, 6 Miles, Very Strenuous)

  1. Stewart 9 months ago

    I must be still delirious with residual sun stroke from Saturday. I can’t believe I have signed up for this, lol. Thanks for organizing this Steve! Folks, the warning about difficulty is not a joke–the three miles we survived this past Saturday were among the toughest hikes I have ever done. Treat this one with the caution it deserves.

  2. Author
    Steve H. 7 months ago

    !! ** NOTICE ** !!
    with apologies I am going to push this event into 2019
    Specifically April 6th Saturday
    It will certainly be cooler, but really last week’s rock torture hike has destabilized the ankle on my weak side.
    I really prefer hiking over convalescing and prefer to be at 100% before attempting this very difficult trek.
    Why April – this trail is closed during winter and chances of snow and ice are minimal.
    feel free to drop out if this is too long rangy – S

  3. Brian 7 months ago

    Rescheduled per Steve’s request.

  4. Author
    Steve H. 2 weeks ago

    BTW – we already visited brewing tree and it got a thumbs down
    very nice place – meh with the beer flight
    I suggest we consider Cardinal Point Winery. It is on the way back.

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