Wintergreen Dreamz Part 1: Ye Olde Appalachian Traile (Day Hike, 6-8 Miles, Strenuous)

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  1. DeeD 1 month ago

    I hate to cancel this, but have company coming to town for the weekend. Enjoy the hike😊

  2. NatalieBivens90 4 weeks ago

    If anyone can’t make it let me know! 🙂

    • Brian A. 4 weeks ago

      Hey Natalie. This hike is pretty full, but we’ll be posting some more fall hikes soon, so check your email!

  3. Sara P. 4 weeks ago

    I hate to miss this one, but we are visiting a sick family member this weekend.

  4. gspetoe 4 weeks ago

    Does the estimated return time of 7:00 pm include the stop at Devils Backbone? Does anyone in the group want or need to skip the brewpub afterwards?

  5. BrendaB 4 weeks ago

    Sorry to miss this one. Hope someone on the waiting list can take my spot.

  6. Author
    SteveH 4 weeks ago

    Hey hikers.
    7pm return includes a VERY long hang out at devils backbone.
    I will not go on record for how long an 8 mile hike will take, and DB is 20 minutes away on the ride back.
    There is always someone that wants to hike and dash home. We will check pulse at meetup site.
    My vehicle is planning to stop. There are several cideries on road back as well. Something for everyone!
    See ya on the slopes…

  7. Leigh S. 4 weeks ago

    Greetings friends,
    It is with a heavy heart and a still pesky knee that I am dropping out of this one.
    Have a Vienna Lager for me!

  8. KimE 4 weeks ago

    There’s your spot Natalie you better grab it!!

  9. Author
    SteveH 4 weeks ago

    Get better soon Leigh!
    Thanks Kim for minding the list
    in case ya’ll been wondering, the hike was originally meant to be capped at 12 but I did not set it up right
    but through attrition it shrunk down to the right size. If anyone drops today or tomorrow a slot will actually open up. This is a shuttle hike and the actual trailhead is on a “residential” street with almost no parking

  10. LindseyBorgsmiller 3 weeks ago

    So bummed to have to back out. I tweaked my back at work today. I’m sure it’s fine, but feel I better rest it to be careful…

  11. KimE 3 weeks ago

    This car is psyched for the hike, perfect weather, and devil’s BB.

  12. Author
    SteveH 3 weeks ago

    thanks for coming out & hope you enjoyed it – even the 600 ft wall climb!

  13. KimE 3 weeks ago

    Fun hike and lots of hot shuttling action…thank you Steve!!!!

  14. KristenAllegood 3 weeks ago

    I looked up my question about the AT being rerouted and it turns out that the AT was rerouted west shortly after the Wintergreen started to be developed in 1975. Thank you everyone for such a great hike!

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