Winter Wonderland Hike!!! ***CANCELED***

  1. KarenWIlder 2 weeks ago

    Not officially signing up b/c it looks more like rain tomorrow than snow or I may just be too pooped from today’s hike. But if the weather is decent in the am I’ll sign up and join!

    • Author
      KimE 2 weeks ago

      Agreed. If it is all rain in the morning I will cancel as I have had my fill of rainy hikes!!!

  2. Dawn F. 2 weeks ago

    I signed up for this hike, because I always wanted to hike there. I hope to be able to attend if the hike is rescheduled.

  3. Author
    KimE 1 week ago

    Miserable. Cold. Soggy. Rain. I will reschedule the Mason Neck portion of the trip- but this is not the winter wonderland we were promised. Stay home today and keep warm 🙁

  4. Brian 1 week ago

    Refunds sent to Dawn, Adina, Amanda, Mike, & Marybeth. Sorry guys!

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