Winter Whale Watching

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  1. AmberC. 4 weeks ago

    I love driving, count me in as a driver to VaB.

  2. AnnieV 4 weeks ago

    I purchased my ticket! it’s a will call. Can we go to Blue Pete’s?

    • Author
      KimE 4 weeks ago

      Great idea Annie—I’m in for that 🙂

      • AnnieV 3 weeks ago

        Blue Pete’s might be out of the way but I always gotta plug my fav!

        • Author
          KimE 2 weeks ago

          It’s only 10 miles away from the Marine Science Center, I can’t think of anything better then a warm meal after a cold day out on the water. Here’s the menu to peruse-it looks great! :

          • AmberC. 2 weeks ago

            10 miles isn’t bad at all, menu looks good.

  3. KristenAllegood 4 weeks ago

    My sister Kim and daughter Mirian will be joining me (so we need 1 child’s ticket). With 3 including a car seat, we won’t be carpooling.

  4. AnnieV 3 weeks ago

    I would like to be a rider. White Oak is easy for me.

  5. Heather 3 weeks ago

    Hello, I live near the aquarium, I see the event is full but there appears to still be tickets available that day on the 10:00AM boat. Is there a reason why the event is closed? Would like to join you! ~ Kindly, Heather

  6. Author
    KimE 3 weeks ago

    a spot has opened up

  7. Author
    KimE 2 weeks ago

    Checking ahead, right now the forecast is to be sunny with a high of 37 degrees. It’ll be chilly, but at least it won’t be -2!!

  8. AnnieV 2 weeks ago

    So sorry, I need to cancel on this. I will call to see if I can get a refund on my ticket. If they are short I will hold for someone to take my place. Take pictures!!!!

  9. Carole O. 2 weeks ago

    I would like to ride with someone who plans on going to lunch at Blue Pete’s. I need to take Dramamine for the boat ride & fear my driving wouldn’t be the best afterwards.

  10. AnnieV 2 weeks ago

    I can not get a refund but if someone takes my place we can switch names on my $28 ticket.
    WHAAA! can’t make it and gawd you’re going to Blue Pete’s???? Triple Whaaaa!

  11. CateW 2 weeks ago

    One spot open

  12. KristenAllegood 2 weeks ago

    3 spaces opened. A little too chilly for the kid this weekend. Have a great time and I hope that you see some awesome whales!

  13. AnnieV 2 weeks ago

    If anyone signs up please take my ticket!

  14. Elizabeth 2 weeks ago

    Rachel from the aquarium just called me and said the trip was cancelled due to unfavorable weather conditions – wind. I went ahead and got a refund for my ticket but hopefully this can be re-scheduled.

    Thank you Kim.

    • Author
      KimE 2 weeks ago

      GONE IT!!! You are right Elizabeth…just got the call as well and did a refund. I am so sorry folks. It’s not in the cards for this weekend!!! I will reschedule—stay tuned!

  15. Author
    KimE 2 weeks ago

    I have reposted the event for the new date, February 10th. If the aquarium hasn’t called you yet regarding this weekends’ ticket–when they do you have the option of telling them to rescheduling your ticket to 2.10 (10am) at that time. If you have already claimed your refund, you will need to go online or call and do a whole new order for the 10th (sorry). And if you can’t make it on the 10th, make sure you change your RSVP…but I hope you can make it!!

    • AnnieV 2 weeks ago

      I got a refund, will buy new closer to time. They had plenty of spots. I just hated wasting my ticket cause I am sure I would not use it without going with CVT.

  16. Jen123 2 weeks ago

    Really glad you rescheduled it Kim!

  17. Carole O. 2 weeks ago

    I am going to bow out of the reschedule & take my chances if I can go. Our townhouse is supposed to be finished right around then.

  18. JoyceFoster 2 weeks ago

    I am happy that you rescheduled this!

  19. Jen123 2 weeks ago

    Hopefully Blue Pete’s is still on the menu:)

    • Author
      KimE 2 weeks ago

      Blue Pete’s is DEFINITELY still on the menu!

      • AnnieV 2 weeks ago

        My girlfriend in VA Beach just won another $50 gift from them! Check out their page, it’s just like and share! It works, I got a $100 gift from Blue Petes. can’t wait to use it with you all!

  20. CateW 2 weeks ago

    The Virginia Beach weather curse continues (j/k)!! Well at least we didn’t drive half of the way there before gettIng the cancellation call. I’d still like to go but can’t commit to 2/10 so will free up a spot for now.

  21. Laura S. 22 hours ago

    I would love to be a rider if there’s a space open. Blue Pete’s looks to good I’m in!

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