White Blaze Trail Daze Part 6: Bearfence Mountain to Hawksbill Gap (Day Hike, 11 Miles, Strenuous)

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  1. Chris M. 1 year ago

    What is strenuous? The distance or the vertical?

  2. Norma 1 year ago

    I am so excited about this hike! I am out of town frequently and miss so many and I am happy I will be there for this one!

  3. CharlieSmigo 12 months ago

    I will pre-volunteer to drive !

  4. NatalieBivens90 12 months ago

    I would love to go on this hike but it will not let me rsvp

  5. NatalieBivens90 12 months ago

    Excited to hike this weekend !

  6. NatalieBivens90 11 months ago

    How similar is this hike to the hike last Saturday?

  7. KarenWIlder 11 months ago

    Hi All! My trusty downtown carpool buddies are not on this hike. Is there anyone who is downtown-ish that I can ride with to Short Pump? I am near the Capitol but can bus/bike/walk to a more convenient pick up if necessary. Thanks!

  8. Author
    Leigh S. 11 months ago

    Greetings hikers,
    I got a clean bill of health from the physical therapist today, so for me the hike is a foot (really more like 52,000 feet). We will rendezvous at the Macy’s parking lot at 8AM. Please try to be on time and ready to leave at 8. Being a Saturday in October parking may be at a premium so the sooner we’re there the better. If something comes up, you can reach me on my cell at 804-986-8928
    The weather looks like cloudy and maybe as warm as 80 there is a 20% chance of rain. That said, please bring a rain jacket just in case. Also a sun hat, sunscreen, lunch and water are also highly recommended.
    I’m looking forward to a great hike with my favorite hiking group.

  9. JoyceFoster 11 months ago

    Sorry to miss this hike! Hope you all have fun!

  10. Jen123 11 months ago

    Spot open.

  11. Chris M. 11 months ago

    another spot opens. My 4-legger had to have surgery today. I have to pick up the furry one at 10am tomorrow.

  12. Norma 11 months ago

    My daughter will take one of the open spots.

  13. Norma 11 months ago

    Does anyone know what type of weather we should dress for tomorrow?

  14. CharlieSmigo 11 months ago

    latest is high in the upper 70’s ,cloudy gradual clearing

  15. LisaBurrington 11 months ago

    so disappointed I have a fever this morning so have to miss

  16. Norma 11 months ago

    I hate that I am going to miss this. My daughter is home from school this weekend so i thought it would be great if she could join me on this hike. Unfortunately, she has a take home mid term that she has to work on today. I want to get so spend some time with her while she is in town so I am going to stay here today. Sorry to cancel last minute.

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