Make-Up Hike: White Blaze Trail Daze Part 3 – Jones Run to Pinefield Gap (Day Hike, 11.2 Miles, Challenging)

  1. JoeGiasullo 9 months ago

    I mapped this for you guys. You’re welcome.

  2. Author
    Derek 9 months ago


    Please notice that the meet time for Saturday is at 7:30am at Macy’s. Look forward to seeing everyone and the weather should be good for us! Remember the temperatures are warming up so make sure you have plenty of water and to always hydrate before the hikes as well.

  3. Author
    Derek 9 months ago

    Boy, I say Boy, The Hike, I say, The Hike was Great, Boy!!! (Foghorn Leghorn would have said it like this)

    What another great hike with the Chickadees!! I was lucky to have another Rooster along for the walk with another great member to the Chickadee Flock!! Thank you for such a wonderful and blessed hike and once again for hanging with me through the walk along mothers nature path. I look forward to other hikes in near future.

    I will be posting a few pictures on site in a few minutes.


  4. Brian 9 months ago

    Thanks Derek for leading the hike, and thanks to everyone who helped out! Shelly, I heard you had a minor injury on the trail – I hope you’re feeling better. Derek said you deserve some points for sharing your cookies, so you got ’em! Extra points to Stewart as well as for leading part of the hike.

  5. june 9 months ago

    Brain, it is not fair you only gave extra points for leading the trail. I think you should give extra points to the hiking team sweep, I was referring me. LOL

    • Brian 9 months ago

      Hey June…I just gave you points too! Sorry, I didn’t know who the sweeper was.

  6. Stewart 9 months ago

    It was a wonderful hike. Thanks, Derek, for doing such a great job organizing!

  7. Heidi 9 months ago

    Hey – I gave up my ankle brace. Do I qualify for extra points??

    Thanks, everyone, for making this a great hike!

    • Brian 9 months ago

      Fine, fine, fine! And MaryJo, before you ask, you get extra points too! 🙂

  8. Author
    Derek 9 months ago

    Brian, please give all hikers the same amount of extra points and split any points given to me amoungest them all but not to me!! I have a great flock of chickadees and it was nice to have another rooster along for this hike.

    Thanks – Froghorn Leghorn

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