Westmoreland State Park & Crow’s Nest (Kayaking & Camping)

  1. Lori 4 months ago

    Are dogs really a specific no?

  2. Author
    Steve H. 4 months ago

    In general we just copy paste “NO DOGS” in the description unless it is specifically a dog friendly hike location.
    State parks allow dogs under these rules:
    My assumption is cvt folks are ok with this unless I am told differently

    There is no info on dog policy @ Crows Nest. I assume it might be negative but please call Mike to find out:
    Mike Lott, Regional Supervisor / Northern Region Steward
    Department of Conservation and Recreation
    Division of Natural Heritage
    Stafford, VA
    (540) 658-8690

  3. Lori 4 months ago

    Thanks, Steve. We have a bite-sized puppy we’d rather not leave alone for a long for a weekend.

  4. Lori 4 months ago

    I contacted Mike and he said the only restrictions to dogs there is that they be kept on a leash.

  5. Chris M. 4 months ago

    Have to cancel. company has schedule a disaster test this weekend. Space open.

  6. Author
    Steve H. 3 months ago

    hey all
    I plan to make dutch oven lasagna for dinner.
    please join me and consider to bring sides and or dessert? Any thoughts on group breakfast?

  7. Lori 3 months ago

    I’ll add some cheesy garlic bread to your lasagna, Steve. All I need for breakfast is Coffee! But I should have plenty of fresh blackberries from our bush.

  8. Kathryn 3 months ago

    I’ll add a green salad to the already planned lasagna and bread. I’ll bring a balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

  9. CateW 3 months ago

    I’ll bring everything we need for coffee Sunday morning, and banana bread to go with it.

  10. Philip L. 3 months ago

    I don’t see any drinks, besides coffee, mentioned so far, so I’ll bring some drinks like sodas, sweet tea, and perhaps some wine.

  11. Author
    Steve H. 3 months ago

    thanks all!
    gotta love it when a plan comes together..
    forgot to ask if anyone a vegetarian?
    planned for meat lasagna

  12. Jan 3 months ago

    I will bring eggs and bread for breakfast.

  13. DeeD 3 months ago

    I am so bummed to do this, but have to cancel. Have a family member having emergency surgery and I wont be able to leave town over the weekend:-(

  14. Author
    Steve H. 3 months ago

    Hi all
    fantastic weekend
    glad you were able to come out!

  15. Thomas W. 3 months ago

    The most ideal camp site. Really enjoyed learning how to search for and spot the shark teeth on our private beach. Thanks, Steve for all the meals prepared. Thank you, mother nature for the comfortable weather.

  16. Philip L. 3 months ago

    Thank you, Steve, for putting this event together, hosting, and sharing your awesome camp cooking skills. Thanks everyone for the fun weekend; had a great time with great company and virtually perfect weather.

  17. Brian 3 months ago

    Looks like a great trip – thanks for organizing, Steve! CVT shirt/hat bonus to Philip & Lori.

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