Virginia Delights – SNP Big Run (Day Hike, 6 Miles, Moderate)

  1. Lori 9 months ago

    I’m being whisked away for the Memorial Day weekend. Sorry to miss this.

  2. Jamie K. 9 months ago

    Super bummed to miss this one but still recovering from surgery :/

  3. Elizabeth 9 months ago

    Live music Saturday too:

    Live Music: Kiz Carter
    Date: Sat, May 25, 2019
    Time 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM

    Hailing from Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, Lisa Miller has been playing guitar and singing for over 3 decades. With her powerful vocals and her strong and witty writing abilities, Lisa has revived the art of blues lyric composition. Performing great songs by the likes of Sippie Wallace, Dina Washington, Ma Rainey and Skip James, Lisa has shared her brand of blues throughout Virginia playing at festivals, wineries, breweries, clubs and house parties.

  4. Dawn F. 9 months ago

    Unfortunately, we have too much house and yard work to do.

  5. Author
    Steve H. 9 months ago

    Hey all
    Glad you made it out. Nice day for hiking and socializing.

  6. Brian 9 months ago

    Thanks for organizing, Steve! CVT shirt/hat points to Philip & Elizabeth R.

  7. Philip L. 9 months ago

    Really enjoyed today’s hiking, wine tasting, and pizza with great company. Thanks all for the really fun day! Thank you, Steve, for arranging and hosting this. Unfortunately, no photos to share, except one I took with my phone, which I posted, because I embarrassingly forgot to put a memory card in my camera. No pictures saved. 🙁 Sorry. Not a mistake I hope I ever make twice.

    Also, to those whom wanted to know more about my camera clip which holds my camera to the shoulder strap of my backpack, it’s a “Peak Design CapturePRO Camera Clip” (purchased Sept last year at Amazon). Looking today, the exact model I bought is no longer available, but Peak Design does have several very similar, newer models and in different colors too. 🙂

    Thanks again for the fun day today!

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