Virginia Delights – Prince William Forest (Day Hike, 13 Miles, Moderate)

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Saturday, 11/16/2019

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Prince William Forest Park

The Virginia Delights series looks for hikes within 2 hours of RVA and at least 7 miles in length. Prince William Forest Park is a 15,000 acre forested oasis, located 35 miles south of Washington, DC.  We will follow the trails along the south Quantico Creek and then loop back through the north section park.

The return time is approximate.  If you have plans that require you to be back in Richmond at a specific time, please communicate this prior to carpooling with someone, or consider choosing a different hike. 

Optional winery stop at Potomac Point Vineyards on the way back if there is interest. Also optional is a brief stop for a bit and check out the new Widewater State Park for a future kayak trip.

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  1. DeeD 9 months ago

    Wasn’t this originally posted as a ten mile hike?

  2. Author
    Steve H. 9 months ago

    Yes. I orig posted that I calculated loop around park was 10 miles from the map,
    pending actually hiking it to confirm.

    I scouted hike this past Sat and it is a solid 13 miles.
    Apologies if this changes things in a way that is not good for you.
    It is really a super nice place.

    Also note that there is a fee per car to enter or need a National Parks pass.

  3. DeeD 9 months ago

    Thanks Steve, have a great hike!

  4. Paul S. 9 months ago

    Hi everyone. This will be my first trek with the cvt, so just to not start off as a total fool, whereabouts in the food lion parking lot should I look for y’all? Can’t say I’ve ever been to the Ashland food lion so any gathering tips , type of vehicles, departure time etc much appreciated.

    • Author
      Steve H. 9 months ago

      Hey Paul
      Welcome .. I posted a graphic where to meet up
      will send out my cell # day before to attendees

  5. Psikkar 9 months ago

    Steve H I noticed that there were six people listed as attending this hike and the event said there was seven spaces with none available. If a space comes available I’m interested in going.

    • Brian 9 months ago

      Paul – One person on the list has a guest, so it’s seven. And I believe there are some guests signed up via EventBrite.

  6. Jen 9 months ago

    Spot Open

  7. TomAnderson 9 months ago

    Sorry, we are remodeling the kitchen and putting on solar panels, so I’ll be stuck at home working the next few weekends.

  8. Sonja Moore 9 months ago

    Unfortunately still nursing knee injury. Spot open.

  9. Author
    Steve H. 9 months ago

    Glad ya’ll could make it. Wonderful day for a hike.
    Great friendly group and got to meet the 2 new CVT Pauls
    Welcome to CVT !

  10. Paul S. 9 months ago

    Appreciate all the driving and recon work performed! Had a lovely day meeting everyone!

  11. BrendaB 9 months ago

    Lovely hike. Thanks to Steve for finding this hidden gem!

  12. Psikkar 9 months ago

    Great hike! Nice pace, love the visit to Potomac point vineyard afterwards. Thanks Steve.

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