Virginia Delights – Prince William Forest (Day Hike, 13 Miles, Moderate)

  1. DeeD 3 months ago

    Wasn’t this originally posted as a ten mile hike?

  2. Author
    Steve H. 3 months ago

    Yes. I orig posted that I calculated loop around park was 10 miles from the map,
    pending actually hiking it to confirm.

    I scouted hike this past Sat and it is a solid 13 miles.
    Apologies if this changes things in a way that is not good for you.
    It is really a super nice place.

    Also note that there is a fee per car to enter or need a National Parks pass.

  3. DeeD 3 months ago

    Thanks Steve, have a great hike!

  4. Paul S. 2 months ago

    Hi everyone. This will be my first trek with the cvt, so just to not start off as a total fool, whereabouts in the food lion parking lot should I look for y’all? Can’t say I’ve ever been to the Ashland food lion so any gathering tips , type of vehicles, departure time etc much appreciated.

    • Author
      Steve H. 2 months ago

      Hey Paul
      Welcome .. I posted a graphic where to meet up
      will send out my cell # day before to attendees

  5. Psikkar 2 months ago

    Steve H I noticed that there were six people listed as attending this hike and the event said there was seven spaces with none available. If a space comes available I’m interested in going.

    • Brian 2 months ago

      Paul – One person on the list has a guest, so it’s seven. And I believe there are some guests signed up via EventBrite.

  6. Jen 2 months ago

    Spot Open

  7. TomAnderson 2 months ago

    Sorry, we are remodeling the kitchen and putting on solar panels, so I’ll be stuck at home working the next few weekends.

  8. Sonja Moore 2 months ago

    Unfortunately still nursing knee injury. Spot open.

  9. Author
    Steve H. 2 months ago

    Glad ya’ll could make it. Wonderful day for a hike.
    Great friendly group and got to meet the 2 new CVT Pauls
    Welcome to CVT !

  10. Paul S. 2 months ago

    Appreciate all the driving and recon work performed! Had a lovely day meeting everyone!

  11. BrendaB 2 months ago

    Lovely hike. Thanks to Steve for finding this hidden gem!

  12. Psikkar 2 months ago

    Great hike! Nice pace, love the visit to Potomac point vineyard afterwards. Thanks Steve.

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