Virginia Delights – Moorman’s River (Day Hike, 5 Miles, Moderate)

  1. MervaY 3 months ago

    Sorry I have to cancel. The Dragon Boat race in which I participate is schedule for the same day.

  2. DianaB 3 months ago

    Fun hike on a fabulous day. Memorable moments: hiking up, rocks, snakes in the water alert, lunch, butterflies, hiking down, rocks, GPS malfunction, wine tasting, private tour of wine barrels downstairs, sitting outside enjoying view of mountains while taking in the breeze and lastly, Steve safely delivering us all in one piece to our cars.

  3. Jamie K. 3 months ago

    Lovely day for a hike! Thanks Steve!

  4. CateW 3 months ago

    Thanks, Steve! It was a beautiful day/hike and I can finally check swimming hole off my bucket list … still can’t believe I got in knowing there were snakes swimming around too!!

  5. Author
    Steve H. 3 months ago

    Hey all!
    glad you came out and had a good time.
    I sure did.

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