Sundays On The James (Local Hike, 6-8 Miles, Moderate)

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  1. Jamie K. 3 months ago

    FYI, this is Riverrock weekend so we may run into parking issues. Also at least one event will have trail running on part of our route.

  2. Author
    Brian A. 3 months ago

    Changed it to the Slave Trail.

  3. Stewart 1 month ago

    What is weather looking like for Sunday morning? Is the hike still scheduled?

    • Author
      Brian A. 1 month ago

      Still on for now, though I’m worried more about flooding.The river will be above 15 feet by then. Will update tomorrow.

  4. BobH 1 month ago

    Instead of canceling outright, how about a urban hike? Carytown (old Martins parking lot) to downtown and back. Or something like that. The weather for Sunday looks OK in the morning hours.

  5. Sonja 1 month ago

    Just posted the flood warning through Sunday. Put it in the photo section. Couldn’t figure out how to attach an image to a comment.

  6. Author
    Brian A. 1 month ago

    Kim is scoping out Manchester, and I will be down there later. Stay tuned!

  7. Jamie K. 1 month ago

    Would we be on any trails, or would it all be sidewalks/pavement?

  8. Author
    Brian A. 1 month ago

    Let’s meet in front of Legends at 9am.

  9. Author
    Brian A. 1 month ago

    Thanks everyone for joining me! Bonus points to Joe & Carole for wearing CVT attire. Hope to see you on next month’s hike!

    • KimE 1 month ago

      Thank you Brian for rescuing us from our cabin fever. It was great to get outside and have lots laughs!!

  10. JoeGiasullo 3 weeks ago

    Group photo added.

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