Sundays On The James (Local Hike, 6-8 Miles, Challenging)

  1. Annie V. 1 year ago

    I just cancelled on this. My roommate is not doing well and I can’t put the dog out in the rain.
    Hope someone can grab my spot, don’t let a little rain on a warm day keep you away!

  2. Author
    Brian 1 year ago

    Thanks everyone for joining me this morning! CVT shirt bonus points for Lori. See you again soon!

  3. Bob H. 1 year ago

    Thanks Brian for a great rain free hike. Our timing was impeccable.

  4. Carole O. 1 year ago

    Hey Mr Alexander I wore my CVT shirt too!! When points are involved it is serious stuff!

  5. Author
    Brian 1 year ago

    Oops…points to Carole & Joe too!

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