Sundays On The James (Local Hike, 6-8 Miles, Moderate)

  1. Christie 11 months ago

    ‘i visited this park for the first time on Wednesday – a warm day. Some good hiking, just remember to bring lots of bug spray. Also – if there has been a bit of rain, some of the trails may have a bit of standing water. I had to “blaze my own trail” around some high water spots!

  2. Annie V. 11 months ago

    I signed up for Dismal Swamp as well as this. Cant do 2 so I open a spot here.

  3. Lori 11 months ago

    Annie likes Kim more 🙂

  4. KeithKersey 10 months ago

    Public Service Announcement:
    If anyone is interested in hanging out after the hike, Courthouse Creek Cider is about 5 minutes from the park.

    Join us St. Patrick’s Day weekend on the farm. We will be serving STRANGEWAYS BREWING by the glass, or try a snake bite (equal parts cider and beer mixed together)!

    Bring your wee little ones, a leprechaun will have hidden “golden nuggets” throughout the orchard for them to hunt!

    Sunday we will be serving Snake Bites and Strangeways all day. This is our one year anniversary and we have a great day lined up! For more information look at the event on Facebook!

  5. Paul 10 months ago

    Sorry for the late notice but I cannot make the hike

  6. Author
    Brian 10 months ago

    Beautiful day for a hike – thanks everyone for joining me! Bonus points to Marybeth, Lori, & Tom for wearing CVT attire, and an extra bonus to Marybeth for sweeping. And welcome Tammy & Tammy! I’ll post next month’s hike soon (probably the North Bank/Buttermilk loop).

  7. Jamie K. 10 months ago

    Wonderful day! Thanks to Brian for a great hike and to Keith for the excellent cidery recommendation.

  8. Marybeth 10 months ago

    Beautiful day for a hike 😎. Thanks Brian for getting us out. Thanks Keith for the after hike recommendation. Have a great week everyone.

  9. ShortAmanda 10 months ago

    Thanks for a fun hike on a beautiful day!

  10. Bob H. 10 months ago

    Great location for the hike. Super nice trails. I enjoyed to cider.

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