Sundays On The James (Local Hike, 4-6 Miles, Easy)

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  1. markpalace 2 weeks ago

    Please let me know if anyone cancels. Thanks

  2. markpalace 5 days ago

    Thanks Kim!

  3. Zi 4 days ago

    Feels like I am coming down with a cold – releasing my spot & hope someone else can take it!

  4. Carole O. 3 days ago

    Fell down & hit my head.. Got a headache so I think I’ll pass for hike. Maybe I knocked some sense into my old head.
    I sure hope someone can take my spot.

  5. TereseDonovan 3 days ago

    Sorry for late cancellation, double booked events for same morning.

  6. Christie 3 days ago

    Not familiar with the area, but assume we are meeting in the upper paved lot?

  7. Author
    Brian A. 3 days ago

    Thanks everyone for coming out this morning! Christie, Madeline, and Sarah – I changed your names. 🙂 Thanks Keith for sweeping, and thanks Amanda for bringing us new members! Hope to see you for next month’s James River hike featuring the Richmond Slave Trail!

  8. KeithKersey 3 days ago

    Thanks for leading Brian!

  9. Christie 2 days ago

    Thank for a wonderful hike this morning! Enjoyed meeting everyone and looking forward to attending more events this year! Thank you Brian!

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