Signal Knob (Day Hike, Strenuous, 10 Miles)

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  1. markpalace 2 weeks ago

    Looking forward to it!

  2. sfaulkner123 1 week ago

    Hi Dawn, I am going to be camping there that weekend and I will meet at the trail head at 930am. I have done this hike a couple of times and familiar with the area to meet up at. See you all there. Sherri

  3. markpalace 1 week ago

    hi @sfaulkner123! i am doing Dawn’s hike too and look forward to meeting you. on another note, i will be doing Keith’s strenuous hike the following day (sunday)… am looking for an air bnb or hotel in the area to avoid having to drive 4+ hours round trip saturday night and then sunday morning.. any recommendations? thanks! mark palace

  4. SteveH 5 days ago

    Twisted my ankle and need to skip till better
    See ya next time

  5. markpalace 5 days ago

    All: i will be doing this saturday’s hike led by Dawn… and then Keith’s strenuous hike the following day (sunday)… and am looking for an air bnb or hotel.. or bed and breakfast in the area to avoid having to drive 4+ hours round trip saturday night and then sunday morning.. any recommendations? thanks! mark palace

    • Author
      Dawn F. 5 days ago

      I suggest looking at Air BNB site (or the like) or for hotels in that area.

  6. markpalace 5 days ago

    thanks dawn

  7. sfaulkner123 4 days ago

    Hi Dawn,
    I have dislocated a disc in my lower back, so I cannot go hiking this weekend. I am bummed. It looks like great weather, have a great day enjoying the beautiful fall day!

  8. markpalace 4 days ago

    where do you think we will stop for dinner @djf61972?

    • Author
      Dawn F. 4 days ago

      I was thinking about The Apple House, which is about 30 minutes from the trailhead towards Richmond; however, I am open to suggestions.

  9. markpalace 4 days ago

    sounds great @djf61972… and The Apple House gets great reviews too!

  10. KarenWIlder 3 days ago

    Heck yeah to The Apple House!!

  11. Author
    Dawn F. 3 days ago

    Hello everyone! The forecast in Front Royal for tomorrow is sunny with a high of 77. I have a beige Toyota Corolla. As you turn into the parking lot, I usually park towards the right. If you cannot attend, please go to Members, then My CVT, then My Events- Attending, and click on Cancel re: 10/21/17 hike. My number is 804-852-8895. If you are running late, please call me. Thanks. I look forward to seeing you all!

  12. Author
    Dawn F. 2 days ago

    Thank you everyone for hiking with me today. It is always nicer to hike with great people than to hike by myself!

  13. markpalace 2 days ago

    thanks for leading us @djf61972! thanks to everyone else for a fun and beautiful hike!

  14. Chris M. 1 day ago

    That was an awesome hike. I still hate verticals but I keep torturing myself. It was great to meet everyone. During the hike, it was an enjoyable getting to know the others.

    Mark, hopefully the boot gets fixed or at the very least, has a place of honor in the “island of misfits toys”.

  15. markpalace 1 day ago

    thank you chris! great times! that bison burger at dinner was insanely delicious! wow! yeah… the boots… they were deposited into a random gas station late last night…

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