Sunset Hike: University Of Richmond (Local Hike, 3-5 Miles, Easy)

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  1. ReiSugaya 2 weeks ago

    I have a meeting I have to cancel 😣

  2. Sonja Moore 1 week ago

    No spoilers please! Croatia is playing England. I’m half Croatian and half English. If you know the result by the time we hike, don’t tell me!!

  3. Author
    Brian 1 week ago

    Just to clarify, we are meeting at River Road Shopping Center. See you tomorrow night!

  4. MervaY 1 week ago

    Hi Brian, I will not be attending the hike this evening. Not sure if it is going to rain or thunder storm over my area. Hopefully the next U of R hike will be a sunny hot day.

  5. Author
    Brian 1 week ago

    I’m here. There was a brief sprinkle but it’s clearing up for now.

  6. Author
    Brian 1 week ago

    Thanks everyone for coming to this RAIN-FREE hike! Bonus points to Sonja and Joe for wearing their CVT attire! Next week it’s the Pipeline/Floodwall/Belle Isle loop!

  7. MervaY 1 week ago

    Ok Brian rub it in. Got the message “RAIN FREE”. I was so angry at myself for cancelling when the sun came out 10 minutes later. Lesson learned. Glad you all had a great hike.

    • Author
      Brian 1 week ago

      We did have a great hike…possibly the best ever! Mainly because it didn’t rain! 🙂

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