Return to Mt. LeConte (National Park Trip, 3 Nights/4 Days) ***CANCELED***

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  1. MelissaP 2 months ago

    This sounds awesome! I’m definitely interested. Do you expect some folks will max out the hiking while others spend more time in town? I could go for an afternoon in Gatlinburg, but beyond that I’m probably more interested in trails than town. Never been to the Smokies and would love to go with good company!

    • Author
      KimE 2 months ago

      Hey, it’d be awesome if you come! Yes I’m sure noone will want to spend a lot of time in G-Burg when the park is right there! I personally want to check out that new pedestrian bridge.

      • Author
        KimE 2 months ago

        And that’s about it . Also we have to take Brian to his favorite place, Dick’s last resort.

        • Brian 2 months ago

          That’s the only reason I’m going! But Melissa would love LeConte…it’s Phantom Ranch with llamas instead of mules!

  2. Karol 2 months ago

    Sorry to miss it. Already signed up and paid for Cap2Cap Century ride for 5/9. Have fun!

  3. MelissaP 2 months ago

    Kim, the last time you and I were in the “let’s hike extra” car, we got to commune with horses under a full moon before dawn, so this is sounding like an epic trip! I will confirm the days off work tomorrow so I can sign up.

  4. Carole 2 months ago

    Sorry to miss this (Mother’s Day Weekend). Had so much fun doing it on my 67 birthday 4 years ago. It is very doable if someone is wondering if they can hike/climb it. Everyone should have a LaConte experience!

  5. Author
    KimE 2 months ago

    Probably going to have to cancel this and try to reschedule for another time–gotta have the trip filled or cancel in time to get a refund. Sounds like it is a busy weekend for most–will try for later in the spring\early summer.

  6. MelissaP 2 months ago

    Oh no! When’s the cancellation deadline? What if we all invite friends? I can ask around work, we have several hikers. And it would be ok if they just want to do the overnight in the cabin and not the whole weekend, right?

    • Author
      KimE 2 months ago

      Melissa if you have friends that want to go that would be great!! The deadline is Monday–and yes the only thing the RSVP covers is the stay at LeConte…everything else could be optional.

  7. MelissaP 2 months ago

    Hmm I’ll send something out now, but most probably won’t see it till Monday. I’ll let you know if I hear anything!

  8. MelissaP 2 months ago

    I see the 2-bedroom lodge pricing starts at 8 people. Does that mean 4 x twin beds (as bunk beds) in each room? Or would anyone have to share a bed if we have 8 people? I do have personal email addresses for the serious hikers, so I may hear something back this weekend.

  9. Author
    KimE 2 months ago

    we have the 3 bedroom lodge which actually sleeps 13…there are double bunkbeds (2 over 2) in each room + 1 single bed. I limited RSVPs so some people would not have to share…but then again, it’s all part of the experience!!

  10. MelissaP 2 months ago

    Ok gotcha! I’ll see if anyone responds and we can sort it out.

  11. Brian 2 months ago

    Also, are we willing to chip in a little extra if we’re short one or two people?

  12. joanoberle 2 months ago

    I’m definitely interested but would want to share accommodations in Gaitlinburg. Anyone need a roommate?

  13. Author
    KimE 2 months ago

    Had to give up the reservation since I wasn’t able to fill the trip…I know it was a bad weekend for a lot of folks. I am going to try and reschedule for another time this year or worst case, next year. Refunds will be coming! Sorry everybody–but we’ll make it happen again I promise!!

  14. Brian 2 months ago

    Refunds sent via PayPal. Thanks for trying, Kim!

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