Red Vein (Dinner/Haunted Attraction)

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  1. Author
    Brian A. 1 month ago

    Just to be clear, the date for this is Friday, 10/27. I had 10/28 in the excerpt that went out in the email announcement.

  2. SteveH 4 weeks ago

    tickets are now available to be purchased online
    gets you $5 off

  3. CindyH 4 weeks ago

    Thanks, Steve! Got mine!

  4. DeeD 4 weeks ago

    Thanks for the heads up Steve, ticket purchased!

  5. Rhonda 1 week ago

    I just cancelled my RSVP, so my space is free, even though the RSVP list says I am still attending.

  6. KarenWIlder 5 days ago

    Required viewing before this event if you like scary movies (on Netflix). B movie for sure, but it’s pretty creepy. Might make you reconsider your RSVP! 😉👻

    The Houses October Built

  7. Nan S. 2 days ago

    I just cancelled my RSVP so one space has opened up.

  8. SteveH 1 day ago

    I will meet ya’ll at 7pm.
    Blues and Brews at the Camel at 5pm for me 😉

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