The Priest/Spy Rock (Day Hike, 10 Miles, Very Strenuous)

  1. Author
    Ingrid 12 months ago

    Thanks, Steve.I heard about this, but then I heard that the private property owners started letting hikers use the road again. I will investigate and let everyone know. If we cannot use the Fish Hatchery parking, I will find the best alternative and let you know. Thanks for the suggestions, Steve.

  2. Brian 11 months ago

    I just realized I am listed as the organizer. Ingrid is actually our fearless leader for this hike – sorry about that. Should be a beautiful day tomorrow!

  3. Author
    Ingrid 11 months ago

    Hi All, I’m looking forward to hike tomorrow. My investigations have shown that there is access from Spy Rock to the Fish Hatchery. Apparently one of the Appalachian Trail Clubs reached an agreement with the property owner…this information is from the president of the Old Dominion AT Club (although it was another AT that reached the agreement).

  4. Author
    Ingrid 11 months ago

    Regardless, remember to be extra respectful when we’re on that stretch of the hike…we want to keep in good graces.

  5. KarenWIlder 11 months ago

    Hi All! All of my usual downtown carpoolers have dropped out of the hike. Is anyone else coming from the downtown-ish area that can give me ride to Short Pump? I can walk or bus to a convenient meet up if need be. I live just near the capitol. Thanks!

  6. Steve H. 11 months ago

    Great Hike !
    thanks all and thanks Ingrid for organizing

  7. Leigh S. 11 months ago

    Lots of fun and great company. Thanks to Ingrid for otganizing.
    I hope the Vienna lager was delicious!

  8. Brian 11 months ago

    Thanks Ingrid for a tough but rewarding hike on a beautiful day!

  9. Author
    Ingrid 11 months ago

    What a great hike! Thanks everybody who came :-). I hope you enjoy it as much as I did even though it was pretty challenging!!! Great group of people.

  10. june 11 months ago

    it was a great hike and thank you everybody!

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