Pleasant Grove & Cunningham Creek Winery (Day Hike, 6.5 Miles, Moderate)

  1. Carole 3 weeks ago

    I’ll meet you there at dog park parking 10 AM. Not going to winery.

  2. acreech 3 weeks ago

    I went for a little hike around the James today for the first time in about 10 months, and I did pretty well for 5 miles. Could have gone longer if I’d remembered to put some moleskin on that spot on the back of my ankle. I am looking forward to doing more!

    • acreech 3 days ago

      Came down with a respiratory infection this week and I’m not up for a hike tomorrow.

  3. DeeD 3 days ago

    I regret having to cancel, but I have to work Saturday. Tis the season!

  4. JoeGiasullo 2 days ago

    Anyone want to car pool tomorrow. I can take 3 passengers and we can meet at the McDonald’s on Patterson just past the Lauderdale intersection on the right. 845 am feels like a good time. Let me know.

    • Erin 2 days ago

      Hi Joe, I just signed up for this & if your still willing to drive, I’m interested. I will check again first thing in the morning. Thanks~!

      • JoeGiasullo 2 days ago

        Sure thing. I’ll be in the parking lot between the mcdonalds and arbys. Big dark grey truck. 804 787 0685 if you need it.

  5. Carole 1 day ago

    Had a great time. Thanks for organizing Steve.

  6. Author
    Steve H. 15 hours ago

    Hi all
    Glad you made it out on a super nice day.
    See you next time

  7. Brian 10 hours ago

    Thanks Steve for organizing this! CVT shirt/hat bonus points to Joe, Dawn, & Steve. Enjoy the snow!

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