Modest Ambles: Powhatan WMA & Skippers Creek (Day Hike, 6-7 Miles, Moderate)

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  1. Carole O. 8 months ago

    Just realized I have other plans for this day. Enjoy!

  2. Author
    Steve H. 8 months ago

    Skippers Creek it is!
    Awesome place – 7 wines for $5 tasting
    all from grapes 100% grown in their vinyards

  3. Author
    Steve H. 8 months ago

    NOTE: scoped it out today, there are at least 5 ‘real’ stream crossings and so your shoes will get wet for sure
    see some pics, forgot to snap the worst one. That will therefore be a surprise.

  4. David 7 months ago

    Subscribe to comments….need to explore this area on my comeback tour….in case I decide to live here.

  5. Author
    Steve H. 7 months ago

    Hey all. Weather looks good for Sat.
    I posted the directions between places (as 2 pics, since cannot upload PDF here)
    I will have some copies to distribute.
    BRING WATER SHOES & and a towel – or be prepared for wet hiking boots depending on how the crossings are
    I did need to get a day pass for access. I know hikes go on here without, but that is not the CVT way.
    Anyone that wants to contribute to reducing the $26 fee would be appreciated

  6. KarenS 7 months ago

    Please add me to the waitlist…

  7. MervaY 7 months ago

    Hi Steve, sorry I have to cancel (grandma babysitting on Saturday).

    • Lori 7 months ago

      Busy Grandma! I keep missing you. Can’t wait to see pictures.

  8. David 7 months ago

    Made it on board……bringing the home on wheels….looking forward to it…..this place is free with a fishing license I am told…….

  9. JoeGiasullo 7 months ago

    Full pack if you’re sexy.

  10. Chris M. 7 months ago

    Just realized the “meet up” is on the southside! thank you, Steve!

  11. Keith H. 7 months ago

    I am not going to make this one, have s good trip. Keith

  12. Nan S. 7 months ago

    Have to cancel. Overslept.

  13. David 7 months ago

    A great hike…Thanks Steve…there is a subtle turn on 60 with a pic of a deer that leads to a great fishing and camping spot…

  14. Author
    Steve H. 7 months ago

    Hey all
    Thanks for coming out. Sorry about the 10 miles
    – we followed the exact same trail using the same app that someone else posted and recorded as 8!
    No idea how that works.
    Hope you had a good time – see you next amble

  15. JoeGiasullo 7 months ago

    Not so modest an amble. See pics for details. Thanks Steve.

  16. Chris M. 7 months ago

    Was a good hike even with the additional 6 miles. 🙂 Been meaning to make my way out to PWMA. This was a good excuse.

    // So I exaggerated and it was only about 1.5 extra miles.

  17. Elizabeth 7 months ago

    Great hike Steve, as always. Thank you for organizing. Another beautiful day with a great group of people.

  18. Annie V. 7 months ago

    Sorry I missed this one, lost my keys and found them in the wrong part of the yard. I thought Abby ate them!
    Nice pics, a great looking hike with all the water..whaaaaa!

  19. David 7 months ago

    Great hike…it was good to get back in the water on a superb day…thanks for waiting for me everyone. Thanks Steve for leading.

  20. George 7 months ago

    This was my first hike with CVT and I had fun. I really enjoyed hiking with such a nice group of people. Thanks Steve for putting this together.

    • David 7 months ago

      Enjoyed meeting you George…thanks for walking with me. I found a tick earlier this morning by the way……and I thought I was completely covered so….

  21. Brian 7 months ago

    Thanks Steve for planning leading the hike – looks like everyone had fun! Bonus points to Lori for sweeping and wearing her CVT shirt!

    • Lori 7 months ago

      I’m ashamed to admit I was not wearing CVT gear Saturday, however, Dee, Joe and Elizabeth were proudly displaying the CVT logo.

      • Brian 7 months ago

        Shameful indeed! But I’ll let you keep your points for your honesty. 🙂 Points awarded to Dee, Joe, & Elizabeth!

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