Modest Ambles: Petersburg Battlefield Eastern Front & Ashton Creek Vineyard (Day Hike, 4-6 Miles, Easy)

  1. Annie V. 1 year ago

    you guys are playing in my neck of the woods! Oh boy!

  2. Carole O. 1 year ago

    Can I meet you at the battlefield? If so, where is the best place?

  3. Annie V. 1 year ago

    What time is trail time?

  4. Author
    Steve H. 1 year ago

    Hey All
    Trail time for those that are not going to meet-up site is approximate
    We are meeting for a 9AM depart but typically we wait up to 10 minutes for folks that are winding their way in
    Then drive 10 or so minutes so 9:20 ish give or take 10 minutes?

    there is no expectation to contribute funds to drivers on this trip – the only reason I am not having folks meet at the trail head is that is has few spots and no overflow, is hard to find, and if you miss it get inducted into Army at Ft Lee when you pass the gate…

  5. Annie V. 1 year ago

    approximate time for Ashton Creek? I have a couple of non hiking buddies who would like to meet us there.

  6. Author
    Steve H. 1 year ago

    my best guess is between 12-1, but there are too many variables in play such as
    late start,
    lost hikers,
    friendly bears,
    angry chipmunks,
    or even if folks decide to shorten hike.

  7. JoeGiasullo 1 year ago

    Where is the meeting spot at the Walmart?

  8. Peter H. 1 year ago

    Sorry, last minute conflict. Hope you join CVT on many future hikes. Pete

  9. Jamie K. 1 year ago

    Great hike, looking forward to more!

  10. Lori 1 year ago

    Thanks to everyone for their patience with our mix up on trail head location. Only great friends in the windy cold could’ve shrugged this off. Awesome hike, Steve. Thoroughly enjoyed.

  11. Author
    Steve H. 1 year ago

    It is my pleasure to host these hikes for such fine folk!
    thanks for coming out …

  12. Carole O. 1 year ago

    Great hike Steve. You are a great organizer. Never been there before & really enjoyed it.

  13. Annie V. 1 year ago

    Thank you Steve for that chilly amble thru history! And for those of us who deviated to a 5 mile, shorter hike, thank you Anna for getting us back to the starting gate! I had a great time, loved seeing everyone!

  14. Kris 1 year ago

    Thanks Steve for organizing such a good hike with a great group of people!

  15. Brian 1 year ago

    Thanks Steve! Bonus points to Anna, Dee, and Lori for wearing CVT hoodies!

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