Modest Ambles: Newport News Park (Day Hike, 6 Miles, Easy)

  1. Peter H. 1 month ago

    Steve, I will meet you at the park. Believe you plan to start from the Nature/Discovery Center, let me know if not.
    What time do you plan on starting the hike?


  2. Sonja Moore 1 month ago

    Hi Steve,

    Same for me. I’d like to meet at the park. Place and time, please?


  3. Author
    Steve H. 1 month ago

    Hi all
    We are looking for a 9:30AM on time departure from White Oak Target meetup/carpool point.
    Drive time to trailhead is anticipated to be ~ 1 hour.
    Hike will start from the discovery center (if there is parking available)

  4. Erin 1 month ago

    Forgot I had a pool tournament tomorrow at 3pm 🙁 Everyone have fun!

  5. Jamie K. 1 month ago

    You’re going to need to do a better job of selling that

  6. Author
    Steve H. 1 month ago

    Perfect day for a hike.
    Glad ya’ll came out.

  7. Jamie K. 1 month ago

    Lovely hike, beer, and friendship!

  8. Sonja Moore 1 month ago

    Fun hike. Thanks Steve.

  9. Elizabeth 1 month ago

    Great hike as always with a wonderful group!

    Thx Steve!

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