April 19, 2024

Modest Ambles: Ivy Creek Natural Area & Jefferson Vineyards (Day Hike, 4-6 Miles, Easy)

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Saturday, 12/30/2017

9:00 am - 3:00 pm

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Ivy Creek Natural Area

Sometimes we want to hike in the woods, but don’t want to drive 2+ hours. Sometimes we don’t want to get up early. This is a new series of hikes that are not too far and not too close; not too long and not too short. We call them ‘Modest Ambles’. Let’s explore these during the winter months and keep in practice.

Scenically shadowed by the Blue Ridge Mountains, this 215-acre preserve bordering the South Fork Rivanna Reservoir is a mix of upland woods, pine stands, open fields, streams, and two miles of shoreline. Its rolling hills and diverse habitats make the Ivy Creek Natural Area an ideal site to learn about the rich natural history characteristic of Central Virginia and has made Ivy Creek a favorite destination for visitors and community alike looking for a peaceful walk in the woods.

The return time is approximate. If you have plans that require you to be back in Richmond at a specific time, please communicate this prior to carpooling with someone, or consider choosing a different hike.

Since these are shorter hikes let’s combine them with visits to local wineries for tastings and bon vivanterie… Jefferson Vinyards is on the way back right near Monticello and tastings are $12 pp.

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