Modest Ambles: Five Forks Battlefield Hike and Five Stops Petersburg Food Tour (Day Hike, 7 Miles, Moderate)

  1. Ken C. 2 months ago

    Hello I am interested but cannot do the food tour and would have to drive separately due to tight schedule

  2. Author
    Steve H. 2 months ago

    added 3 guests for the hike only option

  3. Author
    Steve H. 1 month ago

    >> UPDATE <<
    Not enough CVT folks signed up for the PRIVATE food tour.
    The tour organizer is going to convert this to a PUBLIC food tour.
    The amount of available spots are limited.
    The OPTIONAL food tour, after this hike, is still ON.

    For those not yet signed up, you can use the
    private link for a few more days, but if/when it stops working, try the public link on the food tour website

  4. Elizabeth 1 month ago

    I booked the food tour — not sure I can make the hike but I’ll let you know.

    Thank you Steve.

  5. Sonja Moore 1 month ago

    Probably won’t do the food tour.

  6. KimE 1 month ago

    Food tour purchased – private link worked

  7. DeeD 1 month ago

    Bought my food ticket, looking forward to ths hike and food:-)

  8. Elizabeth 4 weeks ago

    I’ll see ya’ll at the food tour!

  9. Jamie K. 4 weeks ago

    What are our plans for the 2 hours between the hike and the tour?

  10. KimE 4 weeks ago

    Awesome day Steve- thanks for all the planning!!! Had a blast everyone 🙂 ring on the Church Hill tour!

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