Modest Ambles: Five Forks Battlefield Hike and Five Stops Petersburg Food Tour (Day Hike, 7 Miles, Moderate)

  1. Sue DeFazio 1 week ago

    Hey Steve,

    Will the hike happen first- followed by the food tour?

  2. Ken C. 1 week ago

    Hello I am interested but cannot do the food tour and would have to drive separately due to tight schedule

  3. Author
    Steve H. 1 week ago

    How CVT works:
    Central Virginia Trailblazers is open to all adventure lovers of all backgrounds and experience levels.
    The group is free to join, and there is no obligation to participate in activities…although we hope you will!
    Purchase some Trail Bucks.
    Browse our online calendar and sign up for some events!

    This event (see description for more details):

    Meet @ carpool location for an on time 9AM departure
    You are not required to carpool, takes ~ 30 minutes to get to, but I do not manage parking at the trailhead.
    Hike takes ~ 3 hours. That time depends entirely on many factors so is at best a rough estimate.

    15 minutes or so to drive to the meet point (to be announced in private email later)
    for the OPTIONAL food tour.

    Sign up for the hike with an RSVP

    See the description for how to separately sign up for the OPTIONAL food tour (has separate cost) with the tour operator. Its time (tentative for now) is 2PM – 5PM. However, that also depends on if enough people sign up and with final negotiations with the food tour operations, which I will conclude on Oct 4th EOD.

    let me know if there are any other questions or issues with the links.

    We, together, decide who wants to and how many people drive @ the meet point.
    Drivers are always appreciated.

  4. MaryJo 1 week ago

    Steve, thanks for your planning on this. I’m not trying to be a pain in your butt, but I do have a question. I want to do the food tour but seems I should wait until you have 10 people confirmed.Is that correct? I’ve visited the website and it looks like the tickets are nonrefundable so I just want to make sure.

  5. Author
    Steve H. 1 week ago

    I direct any questions regarding food tour ticket policy to the food tour operator
    I have no connection with them, financially or otherwise.
    I have already paid $60 for my spot.

    There is a hard limit on tour size – last time, I recall, 2 folks missed out since it sold out.

    If not enough CVT sign up I will never organize this type of event again, pretty simple.

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