Modest Ambles: Five Forks Battlefield & Ammo Brewing (Day Hike, 6 Miles, Moderate)

  1. ecarpenter 1 year ago

    Please place me on the wait list and advise of cancellations.

  2. BeckyMiller 1 year ago

    I am interesting in joining this hike if a spot because available.

  3. Brian 1 year ago

    Steve gave the OK to increase the limit to 20, so there are five spots available as of now. Thanks Steve!

  4. Christie 1 year ago

    Wooohoooo!! Thanks Steve!

  5. MaryJo 1 year ago

    Please add me to the waitlist for this hike.

  6. Anna C. 1 year ago

    I really want to do this and future hikes, but my foot is very slowly recovering and I don’t think it will be well enough to risk injury again in time for this hike. Hope to get back out on the trails soon!

  7. Rachel 1 year ago

    Have to cancel this one as well…the boot and crutches will still be weighing me down. Have fun!!!

  8. DeLayne 1 year ago

    Have to cancel… was SOOOOO looking forward to this hike! But, found out that my grandson’s Birthday Party is booked for that day. He’s turning 7. Family comes first. Hope to see you guys on the trail soon!! ENJOY!

  9. Marybeth 1 year ago

    Very interested in going, if someone cancels let me know please

  10. Jeanne M. 1 year ago

    wait list please

  11. GeorgeT3rd 1 year ago

    Had to cancel. Next waitlisted person, you’re in!

  12. Carole O. 1 year ago

    Decided not to go. Hope someone on the wait list can go!

  13. Kris 1 year ago

    Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend Saturday’s Hike. I’m hoping someone can use my spot.

  14. bzybee08 1 year ago

    Now sure how it works, but I wanted to add another person (So 3 instead of 2) but can’t change my existing rsvp. So just added 1 more rsvp. Accept it, took the trail buck, reduce the number of spots, but does not show up in the list.. Anyway, will be 3 in my party.

    • Brian 1 year ago

      That’s ok…changing an RSVP to add guests doesn’t work too well. You’re good. 🙂

  15. Christie 1 year ago

    Is there free parking at this location, or do we need to bring cash?

  16. Vicki D. 1 year ago

    Yes, there is free parking at Ammo’s.

  17. MervaY 1 year ago

    Sorry I have to cancel. Found out today I have to work Saturday or Sunday and I chose to work on Saturday. Have fun on the trail.

  18. Tammy 1 year ago

    Had to cancel – hope someone is able to take my spot!

  19. Marybeth 1 year ago

    Sorry to cancel but completely forgot about March Madness and all the key games this weekend

  20. Jeanne M. 1 year ago

    I see there are 2 spots available, I would like to claim one please.

  21. bzybee08 1 year ago

    I am half blind so not sure if I just missed it, but for those not carpooling, where are we meeting? I see a comment about Ammo’s, and also the battlefield..

  22. MaryJo 1 year ago

    I have seen several cancellations. I’ve been on the waitlist, can I grab a spot?

  23. Brian 1 year ago

    Sorry for the confusion. We reduced the group limit to 15 yesterday, so the hike is technically overbooked by two spaces (hence the “-2”). I can check w/Steve, but he may want to leave it at 15.

  24. Author
    Steve H. 1 year ago

    Hi all
    I have limited the hike to the original 15
    I think a big crowd will reduce the enjoyment for all. This is not a typical location or type of hike for cvt. Folks keep dropping out so I expect there to be slots opened. As to meeting location, please consider the walmart location at 930 as is in the description. Meeting up at the trailhead has not been working out last couple of hikes. We are gonna hike when all cars arrive as a courtesy to the main group. If you want to meet at TH please be there on time.

    • bzybee08 1 year ago

      Hi Steve, thanks for the info. Since we are coming from the north west, we were planning to drive to the TH. I assume that is the parking lot at 9840 Courthouse Road – Dinwiddie, VA. and if you are meeting at Walmart at 9:30, you will be at the TH closer to 10?

  25. Vicki D. 1 year ago

    I will meet you at the Trailhead!! See you tomorrow.

  26. Lori 1 year ago

    Doesn’t look like I’ll be able to add Tom on, but his mom lives out that way and he will be dropping me off at the trailhead on his way to visit her. I hope you won’t mind if he joins us at the brewery after?

  27. Author
    Steve H. 1 year ago

    We especially welcome anyone that buys rounds

  28. Lori 1 year ago

    Nope, he’s not buying. Opening up the spot for someone else. Sorry to miss it.

  29. Christie 1 year ago

    Steve – I plan to drive to the TH. I will be early but need to make sure I am going to the right place. As mentioned previously, is there parking at 9840 Courthouse Road – Dinwiddie, VA??? Thanks!

  30. bzybee08 1 year ago

    Anyone able to confirm what time the group will be at 9840 Courthouse Road – Dinwiddie, VA ? If some are meeting at Walmart at 9:30, I assume 10 at the TH?

  31. Christie 1 year ago

    I looked up the Nation Park website and found this:
    Five Forks Battlefield
    9840 Courthouse Road
    Dinwiddie, VA
    (804) 469-4093

    For GPS users enter 37 8′ 7.08″ N, 77 37′ 12.31″ W

    If not using these coordinates then do not use GPS and follow directions below.

    From I-95: Take exit #51 onto I-85 south. Then take exit #61 onto 460 West. Travel seven miles and take left onto Rt. 627 – Courthouse Road. Travel three miles to contact station on right. From I-85 north: Take exit #53 and left onto Rt. 703. Then make a left onto Rt. 1 and then a right onto Rt. 627 – Courthouse Rd. Travel 5 miles to contact station on left.

    No mention of parking or entrance fee????
    ALSO – please confirm time to meet at TH

  32. Author
    Steve H. 1 year ago

    Hi all
    Been unavailable so did not see all this
    The address is correct
    Yes on parking
    Assume 10 am we will be there but do not promise as 930 is walmart meet/depart time

  33. Author
    Steve H. 1 year ago

    no fee to Park
    Ammo Brewrey knows we are coming – I cannot predict when we will get there
    that stop is totally “not mandatory” and will hash out plans at the car pool site and after hike as needed

    now get some sleep

  34. Christie 1 year ago

    Steve – Since I am coming down 295 will meet at Wal-Mart. What do I look for in the parking lot? My cell number is 804-932-9325. Thanks!

  35. Author
    Steve H. 1 year ago

    Great hike – thanks all for coming out
    see ya next trail

  36. Elizabeth 1 year ago

    Thank you Steve. Another great hike with a lovely group of hikers.

  37. Vicki D. 1 year ago

    My first hike with CVT but not my last! Great hike with lovely people. Thanks, Steve and CVT hikers.

  38. Brian 12 months ago

    Thanks for organizing this, Steve! Looks like another fun adventure!

  39. Jamie K. 12 months ago

    Great hike, beer, food, and friends. Looking forward to the next one.

  40. ShortAmanda 12 months ago

    Lovely hike! Thank you for being so kind about my tire. Trailblazers are the best!

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