Long Flat Hikes – Pocahontas State Park (Day Hike, 14 Miles, Challenging)

  1. JoeGiasullo 9 months ago

    I will be hiking with you guys on Saturday, staying the night at a campsite, then kayaking on Sunday. Good peeps, exercise, outdoor fun….and no yard work….Is a better weekend possible? ::Kevin McAlister voice:: “I don’t think so!”

  2. Heidi 9 months ago

    I won’t be camping, have a park pass, but might have a dog in the back seat. She’s sweet, so if you’re a dog person, you could sit with her.

  3. Chris M. 8 months ago

    I’m debating staying the night….pencil me in as of this writing.

  4. Chris M. 8 months ago

    No overnight, i’ve been made plans for early sunday morning.

  5. Author
    Steve H. 8 months ago

    Hi all
    Just a reminder – this is not a camping trip – staying in the park is strickly optional (non CVT) and each on their own for reservations.
    I will have my kayak inside my SUV so while meeting at the Food Lion, I will not have room for carpoolers, as well as I am staying.

  6. Dawn F. 8 months ago

    I have a State Parks pass.

  7. Leigh S. 8 months ago

    Anyone interesred in carpooling to the carpool location from Short pump area?

  8. MervaY 8 months ago

    Hi Leigh, I can carpool with you from Short Pump if you are planning on coming back right after the hike. Let know where we can meet and what time. Thanks.

    • Leigh S. 8 months ago

      Hi Merva long time no see.
      Let’s meet at the Macy’s lot in short pump at 8AM. Anyone else interested? I can carry 3 people plus myself.
      I do plan on coming straight back after the hike.
      See you Saturday

      • Nan S. 8 months ago

        I’d like to join you if I may. I can meet you in the Macy’s parking lot at 8 a.m. Thank you.

  9. Leigh S. 8 months ago

    Please do join in the carpool.
    Look at CVT reducing it’s carbon footprint ??

  10. Brian 8 months ago

    Thanks Steve for organizing this – it was a great day to be in the woods! CVT shirt/hat bonus points to Steve, Philip, Chris, & Merva!

  11. BrendaB 8 months ago

    Perfect weather for hiking! Thx to Steve for organizing.

  12. Author
    Steve H. 8 months ago

    Hey all
    Hope you had a good hike.
    I think this needs to be a yearly event for backpack training.

    • Chris M. 8 months ago

      thanks for setting this one up. Next, I’ll try better to not get volun-told about other plans and make a night of it.

      As far as yearly? how about monthly or bi-montlhy.

  13. Chris M. 8 months ago


    hope the blisters get better. It was a good 30 minutes telling stories while we walked back. You still did 12 miles even though we shaved about a mile off.

  14. Author
    Steve H. 8 months ago

    Great idea.
    I will do this 4x a year so we are always in backpack practice.
    Will do the extra 1.x segment to get to a true 14 miles with backpacks.
    We can stream cross in WINTER!
    next trip: November (since Oct full), then Feb, then May, then August, then Nov 2020
    be there OR be square (shaped)
    be on the look out for a better name and a better meme!
    BTW, my trail name is Jackel

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